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    Need 'SilverStar' like bulbs for my fogs.

    Mine is a 2000 sport, doesn't fit :(
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    Need 'SilverStar' like bulbs for my fogs.

    I have a 2000 model as you can see in the profile and the 9005's I bought do not fit. I'm not talking about the tabs. The bulb itself is to wide to fit in the hole. The h1 bulb is thinner thus fitting in :(
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    Clear Tails . . . .

    Nick i just bought a pair like yours. How tight was the fit to get the brake line to go to the bottom red lense? I haven't received them yet which will probably be another week but i had planned to do what you did so i don't get pulled over.
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    HID Conversion Kit Installed on 98 Sport

    Looks good ! Where are you from in Ny aq?
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    ha if you think your getting that much hp, you got another thing coming.
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    ha if you think your getting that much hp, you got another thing coming.
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    Clear Tailights?

    bah my deal went sour :(
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    Clear Tailights?

    Still waiting to see if this deal went through.
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    Clear Tailights?

    Well i may be buying a set of clears from this guy as long as the deal goes through. I'm in Ny(long island) and will let you know how the cops view this. I was just going to put in red bulbs for the brake lights so you could see them. Bones your saying that despite using red bulbs it still won't...
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    Can someone pinpoint this problem?

    Hey guys just recently my X just "died" on me. Everything would turn off and it would display the battery meter/check engine light. I would be driving and it would just stop. I don't think it happened at high speeds though. I think only slow or when idling. I start it up again and it would go...
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    Save $ on your hub assembly

    Got any links jason?
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    Save $ on your hub assembly

    I need new hub bearings for my front right :( Jason is there a possibility you might want to sell me your spare?
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    98 Cobra's on a 97 XLT

    What about 245/65/17 on a lowered 2000 ex. They will rub a bit right?
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    Explorer Express Wheels (Photos)

    John what year cobras bolt on w/o rubbing or as little rubbing as possible on my 2000 ex.
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    Does anyone know the part # for APC clear tails

    Hey does anyone know the part # for the old clear tails APC used to sell. (98-00 explorer)?
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    do you think fender flares are sporty?

    Heh you don't wanna sell me those clear tails now waht ya nnnick heh :(
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    Lights behind Ebay Grille

    Very kewl. We should meet up sometime.
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    Lights behind Ebay Grille

    I live on Long Island in Woodbury.
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    Lights behind Ebay Grille

    Yea i was going to paint mine all black to to match but my dad is like DON'T! I'm stuck w/ grey for now until he gives me the truck. I was going to buy the airdam also but i don't want to paint it grey. If i ever get my whole trim in black then i'll buy the airdam. I think i'm gonna just take...
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    Lights behind Ebay Grille

    I have the ebay grille on my 00 sport. I like the look of it, at least on my ex. I recently ordered the bumper grille insert from the same guy on ebay. It is exactly the same, just fit for the bumper. Now the plate is a little low so it blocks the top of the bumper part where the billet grille...
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    eh? I rarely drive w/ overdrive on lol. I'm not doing anything but losing gas $$ right?
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    Hedman Hedders

    sigh! when will us sohc guys get headers made for us?
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    Feedback: EE sway bar group buy

    Your welcome for the group buy :)
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    Its here - Electric Cooling Fan install

    Simple, It's Black Magic!
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    Roll Pan

    I know i'm going to regret this later but it looks like i'm out for the roll pan :( If i still have my x over the next few years i will def do it myself though. Remember to show us lots of pics when they are done!