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    Will a 4th gen sunroof glass seal fit a 3rd gen?

    I'm working on a 2002 Mountaineer that is now just a spare vehicle that my family has because it simply developed too many problems over the past 13 years that we've owned it. The sunroof now leaks anytime we have heavy rain. I come back home to visit about once a month and I came home to...
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    What is Special About the Eddie Bauer?

    The Eddie Bauer comes standard with leather, heated seats, memory driver's seat, steering wheel radio and climate controls, auto-dim rear view mirror, heated mirrors, auto dual-zone climate control, and both front seats are power adjustable. As mentioned in the previous post, the Eddie Bauer...
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    How to tell if used Explorer has side air bags?

    I recovered my headliner, so it no longer has the "Airbag" labels above the pillars. The easiest way to be 100% sure is to pop the interior trim piece off of the driver's A-pillar and look for a white rope that runs down the A-pillar and is bolted down with a copper color bracket and bolt, as...
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    what's this harness for?

    It is for the reverse sensing system. It's pretty easy to add on, if you're interested. If I'm not mistaken, all of the wiring is in place. You just need the sensors, trim piece for the bumper that holds the sensors, the module, and the on/off switch. - Mario
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    Repainting the exterior trim on '03 XLT

    Put the heat gun on high and go over the plastic surface moving it slowly and evenly across the surface, almost as if it were a paint gun and you were applying even coats of paint. I held it about 3 inches away from the plastic as I was doing this. I forgot to add, wash the plastic pieces...
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    Repainting the exterior trim on '03 XLT

    I used a heat gun on my dad's Dodge Dakota to get the trim back to black. It was amazing how it made the trim look and feel brand new within seconds. Didn't have to remove or paint any parts. Took about 20 minutes to do all of the trim.
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    2003 Mountaineer problem's

    For the back-up sensors, go to and look up a rear bumper assembly for your year/model. Search the entire country, don't limit it by state. If you go to the bottom of the page and click on the page number with the lowest price (should have a * next to the number) you can...
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    Crack Tailgate By Mercury Emblem

    I think I'm one of the only ones that hasn't had that piece crack on my Mountaineer (early build 2002).
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    broken hinges

    Mine broke off after the recall was performed which resulted in the glass shattering. - Mario
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    replacing oil pan gasket on an 02 explorer

    I can't get mine off after taking all of the bolts out. I tried gently prying it and it would not budge.
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    Weird alarm/shutdown/battery drain problems

    I had this exact same problem on my Nissan Sentra. The battery tested good but the issue kept repeating itself. Go and get the battery tested again, but this time leave the ignition on and let it die down some to the point where it won't start. Then have them test the battery. I did this on...
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    Adding Power Adjustable Pedals to an 02 Mountaineer AWD V6

    Just for anyone else that is interested in adding power pedals, I successfully installed them and they work perfectly. They even work correctly with the memory seat function. The hardest part was mounting them without unbolting the dashboard (Ford repair manual says that the dash has to be...
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    Rear Driver's Side door won't unlock

    Sounds like it was a bad power door lock actuator. I've seen quite a few go bad on the 90's Fords. My friend had two seize up on his Mustang. They were stuck in the unlock position. - Mario
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    high beams stuck on

    I had a Buick Regal when I was 16 that did this. I had to replace the turn signal lever to fix the problem. - Mario
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    Door mirror question (compatability and wiring)

    If I'm not mistaken the heated mirror feature will work even if your Explorer didn't come with it from the factory. I think I remember reading that it's prewired.
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    Wheels for 2002 mercury mountaineer

    The bolt pattern is the exact same as the Mountaineer for all of those vehicles (5-114). So they should fit. - Mario
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    Rear hatch glass hinges

    Mine broke after the recall had already been performed which resulted in the glass shattering. Ford refused to pay for the repairs. I was told that there was nothing that they could do because the recall had already been performed. I had to go through the insurance company. That was the...
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    Ideas please? Before I blow it up

    I'm pretty confident. Here are some more videos that I found of the 4.0 SOHC with timing chain issues. I've read that you can drop the oil pan and if you see pieces of plastic from the...
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    please help

    You said you charged it up, it started, and then died 30 seconds later. Could it be a bad alternator? - Mario
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    2003 ford explorer limited backup sensors

    I had the exact same issue. I bought a used set for $60 and just changed all 4 of them out since I had no way of determining which one was bad. I kept the original 4 in case I needed one of them one day. I got them by going to and searching for the rear-bumper assembly. If...
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    Ideas please? Before I blow it up

    I hate to be the one to tell you this.... but the engine is going to have to be pulled out and have the timing chains redone. The guides/cassettes are bad. As for the driver seat not moving, check the wiring underneath it. Mine quit moving and I found a broken wire (the third one that has...
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    Painted Pillar Trim

    Mine is an 02 and they are attached with screws to the lift gate. I learned this when my brother got rear-ended in the Mountaineer. The guy told me that Ford no longer made a replacement lift gate for the Mountaineer/Explorer built up to 3/3/2002. I'm assuming they started riveting them to...
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    Looking at 02 explorer

    I would avoid the 02 model year and avoid the V6 engine all together. The transmissions are crappy in pretty much all of the model year Explorers/Mountaineers/Aviators. A rebuild could improve the reliability of the transmission, depending upon who did the rebuild and what rebuild brand parts...
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    How to restore door pillars

    Sorry... I just read the part about your D-pillars being riveted on. I must have skipped over that part by accident.
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    How to restore door pillars

    Looks very nice! I'm planning on doing mine soon as well using the same process you did. I just bought the paint, clear coat, and sandpaper last week. Did you do the D-pillar one also? I know that on the early 02 models, like mine, they can easily be removed because they are bolted onto the...