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    Second Battery Question

    Why not just add a 200 amp alternator, this will solve alot of your problems?
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    door problem

    bought a 1995 4 door that had been rolled on its side. someone replace the right rear door, doesn't fit tight. I'm thinking they replaced the door with a 1994 door as it's squared off at the roof line instead of being rounded. just want to know your thoughts.Thanks Dave
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    Bench Bleeding the clutch master???

    Yes that's it, sorry for confusion
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    Bench Bleeding the clutch master???

    If you can loosen the slave cylinder from vehicle and tip it sideways and pump it by hand, you should be able to get most of the air out, I had the same problem, the way the slave sits in the vehicle makes it hard to remove all the air by just bleeding it normally, or if you have access to a...
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    Electrical problems

    I have power to Interior lights, power locks, Wipers, horn, heater fan, just no power to major items like power windows ,PCM, Fuel pump, starter turns over(new) could it be the ignition switch? what I'm asking is there a junction point other than 1st solenoid, or power distribution? Thanks
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    Electrical problems

    ? Surely someone must have an Idea where I need to look?
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    Electrical problems

    So I bought a 1995 XLT off of Craigslist, Owner said it needed a starter, towed it home, replaced starter,Turns over good, no power to Windows, Fuel pump, no spark,All fuses good. Found they replaced upper solenoid and put grey fusible wire on wrong post, The dome lights are intermittent and...
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    Transfer case Stuck on alignment pin

    1995 Sport 5 speed, clutch slave went out and transfer case is stuck on alignment pin, any suggestions on getting it off? or just pry it off with brute strength. Thank you in advance