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    How many of you got Mustangs?

    Just to weigh in here, I used to have a Stang. A 1990, 5.0 LX. At the time, it was the best performance to dollar ratio around. I think it was 14 grand out the door loaded. I miss that car!
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    Thunking in 2WD

    Greg, It does sound like the transfer case is engaging intermittently in 2wd. I had forgotten that the earlier control-trac had a 2wd setting and a vacuum disconnector in the front axle. If I"m not mistaken, there's a thread here somewhere where some people were trying to prevent the 4wd...
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    Lowest STock Gear Ratio?

    Mine was open, 4.10, 4wd. I added the Auburn limited slip (or had it installed anyways). Very helpful IMHO.
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    Lowest STock Gear Ratio?

    As pointed out, 16" wheels didn't guarantee 4.10 gears. Many had 3.73 with the larger wheels, but some had 4.10's. It wasn't special order; my sport came with them off the lot. 4.10's may have been standard on the sport with the SOHC engine, but I don't know for certain. IOW, I beleive that...
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    Return from Moab

    Greetings all!!! Glad to see that everyone had a great time at Moab!! I really wish that I could have made it, but unfortunately, I spent the weekend putting the final touches on this house, and driving to Tennessee where I will be making my new residence soon. On top of that, while ya'll...
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    Ohio Explorer Club

    Well, I'd love to join, but I will be living in Tennessee by this time next month. Relocating!
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    Attica Run April, 20-22

    Kampy, I'm probably going to have a couple of extra bedrooms, since Chattanooga seems to be the favorite stop between certain relatives in Florida and Ohio. :) So, I will have some room, but you're not allowed to leave mud in the driveway. :) Of course, I have to find a house first. I just...
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    Powerslot rotors

    Just thought I'd throw my $.02 in; I just put the ART slotted rotors and carbon fiber pads on my Explorer (front only at this time) last week. They are great so far; they stop very well when wet and pedal effort is somewhat reduced compared to stock. I've done a couple of 65-0 stops in...
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    Attica Run April, 20-22

    Well, I have some good news and some bad news... First, the good: I've gotten a new job in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a beautiful area with tons of mountains, the Tennessee river, Telleco, and stuff like that. I'll be moving down there in a few weeks, first to temporary housing, then to...
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    Attica Run April, 20-22

    Kinda brings tears to my eyes...... :D
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    Attica Run April, 20-22

    Ya know, I've sang that song every St. Patrick's day and I still don't know the words. Well, I talked to Kristen at Ramada and she's letting me stay at her place. :) OK, j/k. Actually, I'll be at the Ramada, $59 per night. You can sign up on the web if you want to. I'm arriving on...
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    Any weaknesses in 8.8 diff???

    Oh yeah, and get the 8.8 out of an Explorer, not a Mustang or Ranger. Explorers use the larger 31 spline axle shafts, the others may use the smaller 28 spline.
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    Best LSD (not locker) for 35" tires

    I have the Auburn, and its still going strong. I have about 25,000 on it, mostly driving to work and out to places like Moab, but some trail riding. :) I'm running 32" tires. Another board member, RangerX has had his Auburn for a long time now, and last I heard it was working fine. If I'm...
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    Rick wouldn't camp anywhere where he couldn't put another chair on the bar-b. :)
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    Moab Goodies: Sticker & Placque

    Of course I want one, in gray/silver. Aw heck, I'll go for the plaque as well. :)
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    Elite Explorer Member

    Welcome, Norman!!
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    Attica Run April, 20-22

    Riff, Thanks for checking into this. Brian, I have put in for a day off on Friday 4/20, so I will likely be leaving for Attica on that date. I have not solidified plans for where I'm staying, but I'm kind of hoping to camp at the same place that Rick is staying, Summer camp ground. I keep...
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    Who lives in Illinois?

    Aaaahhh Uno's, Hooter's, whatever. :) At least they had dark beer. Cameron, Illinois Rifle Association? Cool!! Didn't know such a group existed, but I'm glad it does. What with Chicago's opressive gun laws, you need all the associations you can get.
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    Who lives in Illinois?

    Hey, if that's Hooter's, where's the waitress?
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    Moab 2001: What Have You Run, & What Do You Want To Run?

    Peter, a belated thanks for the picture. Absolutely breathtaking scenery. :)
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    The Pumpkin's US tour :-)

    Brian, caravanning seems like a great idea. With luck, I will be able to get down there either Thursday evening or Friday during the day. We can talk a bit more as the day draws nearer.
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    Moab 2001: What Have You Run, & What Do You Want To Run?

    Thanks for pointing that out, Peter. I really haven't been studying the maps of late, just kind of going with the flow. Anyway, I may still want to see that area. I'll have to look at the book and see what direction we're looking WRT the morning sun. Dead Horse point is an excellent vantage...
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    Hey Norman, long time, no see. Last I heard about Penndel was that they put up larger no-trespassing signs. :( Yeah, that was a fun area, to say the least. I think you'll remember this: Dead Link Removed That's about as far as any Explorer made it up that hill, though your air dam...
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    OME and Shackles

    I would find OME's number and try to get in touch with them. You may find a slightly better price on the springs. BTW, I have their rear springs and shocks at all 4 corners and I think it is a winning combination. To me, it was worth the bucks. YMMV.
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    Geeze, i didn't recognize Tank's Hummer without the propane tank. :) When I saw him, he had added propane injection which is to a diesel what nitrous is to a gasoline engine. I beleive that he's since sold that Hummer and gotten another. Haven't seen him post for quite a while, though. Hix...