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    Tapping Starter Motor ~ Click, click, click

    Just change the are in new england. It will leave you on a cold night when you gotta get some where.....guaranteed
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    The Average Life on the motor

    I know of a 93 xlt with 540,000 km's (325,000miles) on it. Runs fine still. The motor will outlive the body for sure
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    Heater no worky

    I blasted mine out with a garden hose this summer and I could not believe the crap tha came out. My truck actually gets too hot now. Mind you my fan motor now has 4 positions for off and only does high.....I'm warm!!
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    what are the best spark plugs

    Regular Bosch Platinums work fine in mine.
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    4x2 Coil Springs

    When I was putting in new balljoints and shocks I discovered my coil spring was cracked at the top on the drivers side. My Ford suspension code was a "Z" and those springs are not available any longer. I had a hard time finding new springs of any kind for this truck. Most of the suppliers...
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    Timing seems off

    It feels like a carbourated engine with advanced timing. Mild hesitation and shake to the engine with a bouncing exaust. It's very drivable but there is a definite drop in horse power. This is all post the fuel pressure regualtor failing. I am about ready to start switching out sensors. I...
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    Timing seems off

    It seems like since I replaced the fuel pressure regulator the timing/ignition slightly advanced. I have left the battery diconnected over night allowing the ecm to reset. I have checked all six cylinders and they are clean and the engine isn't throwing any codes. I replaced the plug wires...
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    '97 XLT Idle Problem

    I think MazdaGreg is probably right. I had a massive vacuum leak on mine when I bought mine and I found it by accident. The brake booster hose plugs into a rubber plug hole in the brake booster. Pull the rubber hole gasket off. If the rubber is comprosed or ripped up the slot it will give...
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    3 miles to the gallon

    I changed the fuel pressure regulator. It was the rich fuel problem for sure. I ran it all yesterday and it felt like the timing was off or a cylinder isn't quite up to par. It idles nicely. 1k to 2200k rpm its off a fair bit. 2200 - 2800 rpm it feels a little less off. 2800 rpm and up...
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    stripped security torx(maf)

    Last night I took my MAF out. I used a small screw driver and bent the pin in the security torx screw over back and forth a few times and it snaped out allowing me to use a T20 torx to remove the screws.
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    3 miles to the gallon

    Today she died.....check engine light.......small backfire on restart try. Checked the vacuum lines. Full of gas. Changed the pressure sensor, oil and filter, cleaned the plugs up and disconnected the battery so computer would reset (over 2 hours). On startup had a bit of nasty cloud but now...
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    3 miles to the gallon

    My explorer is now undrivable. I used the MAF cleaning link on this site and it made no difference. The vehicle is litterally getting 3miles to the gallon...1/4 tank to go 15 miles. Below is the info from the thread I started in the 91-94 stock forum. As the diagnostic at FORD said the MAF...
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    Hello Fellow Ex owners

    Just a line to intro myself. I'm a jack of all trades and have some form of dirt on me at all times. I bought a well beaten 1991 XL 2wd with about 160K miles on it and have spent some time recesitating back to life. It's a great truck so far but has a emissions issue that I am currently...
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    HELP!! Emissions problem

    I recently bought this 91 explorer as a "post divorce/she got everything/I'm broke vehicle. The body is a little rought but mechanically it is in great shape. Here is the problem. The fuel is burning rich. Quite irradically it can suddenly burn supper rich with a drop in horse power. I...