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    Help, my 2021 Platinum died tonight…

    The Crown Vic issue was inexperienced techs installing fleet equipment and drilling into the tank. The more serious issue was the power steering pump in early versions.
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    Hazardous Driving Conditions Warning Message

    Check the NAV settings. I was getting annoying POI messages all the way back on a 400 mile trip. Try Navigation Menu... then Traffic List
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    Routine maintenance recommendations for PIU

    Non synthetic is false economy.
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    Full Electric Ford Explorer coming in 2023

    Electric vehicles are for the most part owned by those who have a home or at least condo. What will those living in high rise or apartments that don't have a garage or the charger installed? Or those who have to part on the street? Before coming home for the evening find a charger and sit for a...
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    Full Electric Ford Explorer coming in 2023

    Now start charging them the highway tax. Gas powered vehicles have been paying their way for too long. Next up is the remove any tax credits for their purchase. Meanwhile what is CA going to use to charge them all? California is racing to secure large amounts of power in the next few years to...
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    Issues With Sirius Updates

    No units in that era had wi/fi. Even my 2018 didn't have it for updates.
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    Issues With Sirius Updates

    Can't be as the older units didn't have wi/fi updates. Never had any issues with mine updating over wifi. Of course I have to stay close enough to stay connected.
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    SYNC Build 21194 Is Released by Ford

    Didn't. Mine rarely loasds.
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    98-01 MACH 6 disk...Head Unit Help

    Head Unit I had the usual display problem with my head unit. I tried the "home" fix but gave up. I sent it off the a facility I found through this forum located in R. Island. Total cost including shipping was around $90.00. That was two years ago and it is still working great. Drop me an...
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    98-01 MACH 6 disk...Head Unit Help

    Audio system My Mach audio system has the cassette and CD player in the head unit and the six disk changer in the console. However my head unit doesn't look like the one pictured in your message. I have no idea if there was more than one head unit offered with the Mach option though. I have...
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    98-01 MACH 6 disk...Head Unit Help

    Head Unit I have the factory Mach audio in my 99 Sport and that isn't the head unit that is installed in my truck.
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    Cop lights

    Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptors have the wig wag installed as part of the package. I found that most of the stuff sold under the Gall's name isn't great quality. As far as installing any aux. lighting in a private vehicle, it is illegal without a permit which is issued only to emergency...
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    Rear Window Wiper Problem

    I had the problem and there was a Ford bulletin on it. It was repaired by changing the arm I believe. The repair was at my expense but it was minimal.
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    Amber Strobe Light ?'s

    Permits My experience was in NJ. CA may not need one. Not harm in checking. Might aviod problems later on....
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    Amber Strobe Light ?'s

    No Good They will be a violation unless a permit is obtained. Not that big of a deal. I believe the form can be obtained from DMV, maybe even online. They are signed off by your local Chief of Police. I issued them weekly for all of the area construction and garbage trucks using them as aux...
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    i heard explorers flip easy....

    Thirty years as a patrol officer on a busy highway, I know for a fact they, like every other SUV can flip if driven beyond their limits. One on the biggest factors is evasive maneuvers beyond what is needed to avoid the problem gets the vehicle so out of shape it is going down the road at an...
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    i heard explorers flip easy....

    I've seen two flipped in a highway. I've also seen some of the older Mitsubishi Montero's. Some drivers are just idiots and you get sideways at 65 mph, you will flip. They aren't a sportscar and the car manufacturers never said they were a sportscar. Drive with some caution and you will be fine.
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    SOHC Tensioner & Intake Manifold Warranty

    My 99 Sport just turned 61K...........
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    Having issues after battery install

    Weird. I did a battery replacement a few weeks back on my 99 Sport and I had no problems. All I had to do was reset the radio pre-sets. Alarm (factory) and remote unlock worked fine.
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    Dual Alternators?

    West Marine has very good dual batt. isolators and switches. All marine grade.
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    How old is your battery ?

    Battery The battery is my 99 sport is the original factory one and still works just fine. The car is garaged up here in NH but never on a trikle charger. But I'm thinking I might be pushing my luck. :us: :exp:
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    Deceleration Clunk

    Clunk I had the exact same thing on my 99 Sport. I followed the instructions posted here and lubed the slip joint. That was well over six months ago and it hasn't returned. With a set of ramps, it was so easy even I could do it.. ( Maybe I should say it was SO easy, even a caveman could do...
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    drivetrain clunk when coasting under 10mph (downshift?)

    Slip Yoke Run a search on the terms and you will find detailed instructions. They were so clear and easy even I was able to follow them and cure the problem. :us: :exp:
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    drivetrain clunk when coasting under 10mph (downshift?)

    I had the thump when coming to a stop. I followed the instructions for lubing the slip yoke found here and it went away after a few miles of driving. So far after six months it has not returned. :exp: :us:
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    04 Explorer XLT 4WD - Dies on me...

    Ford Shuts Off Any chance that the spot has high RF that could be affecting the computer?