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    What to do with the grey trim?

    Maybe it's just the light but they look like they're not evenly coated, kind of splotchy looking if you know what I mean.
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    Fog Lights

    Howdy all. I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I asked this on the other trac site but keep getting vague not very detailed answers. I also would like to hook this up stock, not rigged. My 04 XLT didn't come with fogs so I bought a set off of Ebay. I also went to the junk yard and pulled...
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    WTB: Black Tail lights

    They have them all over ebay. I was thinking about getting a set of them too. Also a set of the black head lights. If anyone has any pics of their ST done with them, please post em! Would love to see what they would look like.
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    Factory Stereo

    I figured that was going to be the case. Probably different wiring as well. I'm thinking I could rig something up so I can wire and mount it. I wonder if the 07 stereo and the 04 are roughly around the same size? Thanks for reply! Rich
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    Factory Stereo

    Evening all, I have a 2004 ST XLT and I was wondering if a stock stereo out of a 2007 will fit in my 04? I could just buy a after market one but I'd prefer to stay with the stock look. Plus I found someone down the road from me that is upgrading his 07 and will sell his stock stereo to...
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    LOUD door chime

    Maybe this link will help. It helped me!