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    Here's My Pics!!!

    Thank you tim and Gerald for the tips, i might get this post looking right after all. And mdrut, I take it you are talking to me Dave not Doug about the snow. We have tons of it here buddy, I just wish there were more rigs around here to go 4X4'n with. Especially some Explorers.
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    Here's My Pics!!!

    Optical Illusion! Hi Tim, Thanks for opening up a pic! I might do a few more. The tires that are in the pic that you opened up are the 33's. They look smaller because of the snow. The side on pic has the 31's on factory wheels (which I have for sale).
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    Featured Explorer Page???

    I am not real new here, I have been on for a couple of months but I am wondering how I can get my truck on the Featured Explorer's page. I have some pics at and I can soon type up the facts on it. I appreciate all the help I have got here on my build-up. Thanks
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    Here's My Pics!!!

    Finally, I got my rig on here! Here's how it started: Then upon going hunting, here's what happened: Dead Link Removed So, It lead to this: Dead Link Removed So I could play like this: Here's some miscellaneous shots of my winter tires, sunroof, interior...
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    ARB's In Canada??

    I am quite interested in the ARB Air locker front and rear for my Exploder but I have been told by a couple of sources that here in North-Eastern Canada that the lines will just freeze up and the ARB won't work in the winter. Is there anyone who has used this system regularily in snow? If not a...
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    Truckhaven Pictures

    Excellent Pics! I gotta get out of Eastern Canada here and join you guys sometime. Your wheelin' terrain is excellent. I'm Jealous!
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    Anyone from East Canada?

    I am from PEI, Canada and am wondering if there are anyone here from the Maritimes that wants to find some trails.
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    Superlift Problem: wheelbase shortened

    I seen a thread here sometime from a guy who said that when he installed his lift, the wheelbase shortened. I can't find it anywhere and I am scared I got the same problem. I was wondering what he found out it was. My front coils seem to have a bend towards the rear and my 33's hit the fender...
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    MAS Air Flow (Granatelli)

    Thanks! I appreciate your help Sprinklerman. I am still researching!!!
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    MAS Air Flow (Granatelli)

    I am wondering on purchasing the Granatelli Massair Sensor for my 4.0L. Has anyone ever used one of these, I couldn't find and threads on it. I can get both the massair and the KKM true-rev for $447 US from RV Performance. Thanks for the help in advance, you guys always got good advice.
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    Clunking in 4 Wheel

    I don't know if I can be of any help but i too had a regular clunking in 4x4 and i blamed it on the auto hubs ready to go but man was I wrong. Last week in deep snow the 4wd let go and I thought "Auto Hubs=toast". However, it turned out that I twisted one axle joint off and the other is very...
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    Tranny Upgrades??? HELP!!!

    What if I mounted a bigger cooler in front of the rad where the stock one was and then took out the clutch fan and installed a single or even a dual electrics. Has anyone done anything like this?
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    Tranny Upgrades??? HELP!!!

    Where should I mount my new cooler? Any suggestions? ould an electric fan on the rad help? Thanks for the help thus far!
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    Tranny Upgrades??? HELP!!!

    Can anyone help me? I am on my third automatic tranny and i don't want this to keep going on. I am going to put on a bigger cooler but what else.... should I put on a tranny/engine oil split cooler?