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    92 Radius arm & ball joint

    500 is really all that bad, i think i paid 320 for radius arms and 320 for ball joints. that seemed a little high for me but i also got them done at different times so i didnt save on labor, if you are mechanically inclined then yeah you can do it, but i would take it in, next time i will be...
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    Rubicon run October

    ok i havent ran the rubicon in my explorer, but i have ran it before with other rigs, let me tell you wont even make it through hells gate(very begining) unless you dont care about your rocker panels, i wont do the rubicon until i get a locker,35's, and rock sliders. after hells gate, its pretty...
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    35's on a 98 EB??? Possible?!

    you dont need new shocks in the rear after a spring over, all your doing is flipping them around so the aquired lift accomodates the length between the shock mounts.
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    5.5" Superlift

    i dont know if you've decided on installing the lift yourself, i did my own lift and with just one other person it took us about 2 1/2 days not working very hard at all. this is the best advice i cvould give you, take your rig to an alignment shop, have them cut out all the rivets and replace...
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    Installed 3" bl need a 4x4 shift lever... help

    for the steering you may need to get either a universal u-joint made by borgeson. or you may need to get a whole new steering shaft, either made by borgeson or flaming river, thats pretty much the only thing that will make the steering better
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    hollister hills?

    i went to carmel today and i have heard of hollister hills but i have never been there, well i was passing by today and i just wanted to know if anyone has ever been there.
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    HUGE xplorer!

    i have something to say too, ok first of all when you see something like that(a guy lifting his truck and never takes it wheeling) you have to laugh, but dont laugh out loud, let other people do it, i get laughed at a lot because i have a lifted explorer, but you know who laughs at me is the...
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    self install lift kit???

    after i installed the lift i took mine to an alignment shop and had them weld the spring perches to the axle tubing. it just keeps the perches from moving causing all kinds of problems
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    What brand of lift??

    oh sorry, your probably gonna pay around 1200 to 1300 and that is for everything, including brakelines,shocks, everything
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    What brand of lift??

    personally i would go with a 5.5 superlift, it has worked out well for me. it depends where you get it, i would try rocky mountain suspension, they are pretty cheap, also when you order the kit, ask for part #133 instead of 118 on the coil springs,also get the extended radius arms. you can...
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    Body lift.. or suspension lift?????

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    self install lift kit???

    read the post above the last one you posted
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    self install lift kit???

    if your gonna put the lift on yourself, im telling you, take your explorer to like an alignment shop and have them cut out your rivets for you and they will replace them with bolts, it will save you almost a day of work and will cost you likely around 50 bucks. also you dont need air tools i did...
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    Black Rockcrawlers for my friend

    i would go with 3.75 backspacing, also some explorers have different gear ratio's. my friend has a 92 with 3.73's and i have a 93 with 3.27's. so its pretty much all different, crawl underneath his rig, there should be a tag on his rear differential that says his gear ratio. also dont even waste...
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    So there I was...

    oh i almost forgot, when you order your lift, tell them you want part #133 for your coil springs, they will order #118 instead, the 118's are for rangers, the 133's wont end up sagging like the 118's,um i think thats it.what color is your explorer?
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    So there I was...

    i fit 33's without any rubbing at all, i will eventually go to 35's in the future, i figure a little hackin at the fenders, maybe some coil spacers, maybe i mean real maybe if i make it into a trail only rig i will get some of perrys fenders. but yeah 35's is in my plans. i have been satisfied...
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    So there I was...

    if you dont want to do the lift yourself thats cool too. if you want to get it the cheapest 4wheelparts will charge you a shi* load of money and will qoute you a really high price, so this is what you do, go to the store, but a FOUR WHEELER magazine, turn to the page that ROCKY MOUNTAIN...
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    So there I was...

    alright a fellow sacramento explorer. yes, lift your truck, i have a 93 with a 5.5superlift and so does my buddy, let me know if you decide to lift it, if you decide to do the lift yourself, me and my buddy put mine on so we could probably help you, if not watch were you get it...
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    X with fabtech spindles and 31s

    ok first of all whats the word peeps, you sound like you just got out of jail and talking about your peeps that made you there bitc* in jail, and second of all it hasnt snowed in sacamento in lets never. oh and all your beach babes are probably a bunch of hoes looking for a pimp to help them...
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    X with fabtech spindles and 31s

    nor cal sucks? its just that we actually have NORMAL people, and for you to cut on northern california and say it sucks, that sounds like a pretty weak come back man. i was talking to my brother about it because he spent 3 years at camp pendelton and he said that is the thing down there which...
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    X with fabtech spindles and 31s

    im not trying to cut on your shi* but correct me if im wrong, you like the look of your front being higher then the rear that bad? and whoever says that cali is the place thats doing this? dude southern california and northern california are two seperate friggin lifestyles. i have never seen or...
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    Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain & Mud Terrain Tires

    i had the at's in 31x10.50, they were a pretty good tire,they had good on road manners and did farely well off road too, i had them for over a year with about 30,000 miles on them and they still have about 30% tread left. the only reason i didnt get them and got the bfg's is because i had heard...
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    Superlift 5.5 install $@*&#!!

    you should have done it like i did, take it to a shop, have them cut them out and replace them with bolts. its not that i couldnt do it myself, i just had little time to install the lift(had to spend time with the woman)it took off probably a half day taking it there and it only costs like 50...
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    Lifting without extending

    ok let me say that i had a 3inch body lift on my rig before i got my 5.5superlift, a body lift was good for a little lift and be able to throw decent size tires on it, there are some downsides to getting a body lift, your car will ride like shi*, every bump you take you will feel it, and the...
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    making a trip to the rubicon next week, me and a couple buddies are going up, im not taking my x because its not ready, but my buddies x is ready, plus a couple jeeps and i think we will have some fun, im bringing my camera so i will definetly take some pics, its gonna be fun, we are going up...