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    Power Mirrors not working

    I did check the fuse, but not the pigtail. I will give that a try.
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    Power Mirrors not working

    I have recently been experiencing a problem with may drivers side and passenger side power mirrors. They no longer respond to the switch on the drivers side door. I've tried replacing the switch and that was no help. Any suggestions!!!!:us:
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    4X4 Trouble

    Here's the problem! It was shifting in and out of 4wd Lo on its own. I agree there is no need for 4x4 lo thats why I never shifted into it
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    4X4 Trouble

    4X4 Problems I have fixed the problem. It was my shift module. I put the new computer component and all is good. Shift motor was ruined in the process from shifting in and out of 4wd High and low. Had to replace that also. I did check the speed sensors on the wheels by checking their votages...
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    4X4 Trouble

    I have recently changed my Transfer-case shift motor due to it becoming stuck between 4WD low and 4WD high. I thought it would fix the problem of the truck automatical shifting in and out of 4WD. It didn't! I can be driving down the road and the drivetrain goes into neutral. I believe this be...
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    Loss of Drive Power

    I was driving my 2002 Explorer XLS down the road at about 35 mph when I lost all drive power. I coasted into a parking lot to check out the problem and I discovered that no matter what gear I put the truck in it was like I was in neutral. The only difference is when I put the car in drive...
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    Auto Engages 4WD Low

    On 2 Occasions my 2002 Explorer XLS has auto engage 4WD Low. Both times I had to stop the car put it in neutral, press the brake and press the 4WD auto button. Can anyone help with this problem?