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    cv angle

    ok real quick question would bigger tires reset the angle of the cv joints after doing a tt? I hope this makes sense. :o
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    31's vs 32's

    I dont want to run 33's because I only have 3.73 gears and from what I understand that isnt the best setup. thanks for all the replys I have discovered a bunch of cool stuff here. :chug:
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    31's vs 32's

    I am ordering my body lift next week. and I was debating on 31's or 32's I went and had them priced and there is like a 60 dollar difference. Is it worth it or is it not that noticable?
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    cleaning throttle body

    I was cleaning the throttle body today and as I took it out. I saw a sticker that said to not clean it because of a compund on the walls and stuff. I called ford and they never heard of it so I did it anyway anyone else seen this?
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    one bolt tt

    cool I was worried i broke sumthing I am getting the 31's put on on the 14th so I will put up pics
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    one bolt tt

    I did a tt on my 99 x today and I twisted the passenger side a few times then took some measurements and it lifted both sides I did a little on the driver but it wouldnt turn I got 1 3/4" lift outta both sides by just doin one is that ok?
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    I bought add-a-leafs from him just like described and shipped quick.
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    fixing rust spots

    Didnt they also use tin foil to whipe it?
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    Low end audio equipt?.............

    I have had legacy aps and subs, I was really impressed with the amp. U.S acoustic. makes really good cheap amps too.
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    New CD Player

    Pioneer or sony makes really nice ones for that price
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    LCD TV question

    Do you ever get harrased by the cops with that there?
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    Mac Exhaust

    Does any one here know anything about about mac exhaust. I have their intake and I like it. I can get the cat back for 225 with free shipping is it worth it or should i get a custom job done.
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    I am going to the pick and pull to try and find a hitch for my 99 x i was wondering what years would work.
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    Latest of the VDub! (DEC 03)

    whats the name of that new golf the 32 or sumthing like that. That should be a sick car like 240 some h.p
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    Grinding noise on cold start

    my 99 sohc does the same thing let me know if you find a solution
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    which intake should i get KKM or MAC

    i have a mac and i love it it makes a nice little whistle when driving and i personally think the pipe looks nice
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    Need an alternate amp

    Rockford power amps are nice check out sound domain and ike sound for prices really fair for the power
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    tire size and gear ratio

    ice cold thanks
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    tire size and gear ratio

    ok I have a 99 xlt 4X4 sohc v-6 I have 3.73 ls gears and i was wondering what is the biggest tire i can put on there with out messing with the gears thanks
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    04 X w/v8 or 4Runner w/v8?

    what about the 4runner with the turbo in them get one of those
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    Walmart Lightning Bolt Speakers?

    are they lighting bolt or bolt audio because bolt audio is built by rockford
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    Cost of window tinting

    that is high everyone down here will do it for around 60 and that is w/ the premo tint not basic
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    Throttle cable Mod

    i Have a 99 is it safe to do the mod?
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    summit racing

    if i got that mac kit do i have to buy the sensor with it or will stock work too?
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    summit racing

    would the price difference at explorer express be worth it since i dont have to pay shipping or have to wait. i went in and they wanted $250 for a k&n cold air intake is that kinda expensive (sorry I just got my X a month ago.)