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  1. Evil Eye

    SCORE @ the junkyard!!!

    Man, I am SO STOKED!!! I just need to get a new bearing for my output shaft and then I can start reassembly! :D I swear this thing was just rebuilt less than 10k miles ago! Last week, I was quoted $700 for a unit with 170k miles on it and $850 for one with 100k miles on it... :D :D :D :D...
  2. Evil Eye

    SCORE @ the junkyard!!!

    That's a sweet find, Joe! Man, I am so stoked!!! I got this thing taken apart yesterday and this thing looks almost brand new on the inside!!! Check it out... The fluid is bright red and practically brand new... Even the plastic guides on the shift fork are still intact!!! :D Just cracked...
  3. Evil Eye

    SCORE @ the junkyard!!!

    No, this isn't a pathetic plot for a porno. I got a BW 4405 @ the junkyard today for $125... :cool: Walking around the first place didn't get us much. My buddy got a spare tire crank that he was looking for $20. Second place had a LOT more Explorers in it. Was looking under a buch of the...
  4. Evil Eye

    4405- 11 vvs 4405 07?

    What is the number directly underneath the 4405?
  5. Evil Eye

    96 Explorer with blown head gasket... worth $500?

    Congrats, man. Post up some pics when you pick it up!
  6. Evil Eye

    Satellite Radio Owner?

    Sirius 20, Octane FTW!!! Although Covino and Rich is pretty good...
  7. Evil Eye

    I need a huge favor...

    Well, you've both piqued my interest now and I'm going to have to take a look at mine... Keep us posted, Cobraguy. I'm very interested, particularly since it's gonna be 115 this weekend!
  8. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

    This post seriously made me laugh my azz off! I could hardly believe it myself when I pulled the cases apart. :eek: Actually, yes, it would still roll under its own power and didn't make a sound. In fact, I drove it around the block and engaged and disengaged the xfer case... :D Well, the...
  9. Evil Eye

    FORD SUCKS. how do i make my differential cheaper

    Not a recall since it doesn't affect life safety. There is a TSB about it, which is in the link that Danny posted. :D
  10. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

  11. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

    Thanks, Don. It's going to be interesting for sure. I'm in the process of buying my replacement parts now. Oh and I still need to get the bearing (and the pump) removed from the output shaft and the planetary tore down...
  12. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

    Here's another pic. Can anyone tell me what this is next to the arrow in the picture? It looks like a spacer from the clutch pack. It's broken and needs replacement.
  13. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

    It should easily outlast the transmission, which is usually good for about 120-150k miles with moderate driving. The key is to be meticulous about your maintenance (changing the fluids and filters).
  14. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

    Actually it isn't warped, it's just not sitting flush from when I pulled the case apart. In the top pic, you might be able to see that the tabs have been busted off of it. There is quite a bit of damage...
  15. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

    I'm not doing this because I'm expecting to get the money back out of the truck or because I need it back on the road right away... This is a fun project for me to do. Oh and everything as far as removal and disassembly has been done using "standard" hand tools... :D
  16. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

    Yeah, that electromagnet looks like it exploded copper windings everywhere.
  17. Evil Eye

    Exploder Transfer Case

    Many of you know that I have an Explorer that has seen better days, due in large part to letting my teenage daughter drive it. At any rate, shortly after she torched the transmission, the transfer case decided it didn't want any of her abuse either. It has been sitting in the driveway for a...
  18. Evil Eye

    Truckhaven! October 25th-26th

    Thanks for noticing! :D Yeah, another year older and I'm gonna have a few drinks tonight to celebrate!!!!
  19. Evil Eye

    Truckhaven! October 25th-26th

    Hey guys. Hate to do this, but we have a dune trip scheduled for Halloween, so I'm having to bow out. Post up some pics of the fun!!!
  20. Evil Eye

    New Member from Phoeniz, AZ!

    There are several of us in AZ. Welcome to the site!!! Glad to have ya.
  21. Evil Eye

    How do you change to "Wannabe" tag

    ....:insert foot tapping smilie here: Your name still isn't red... :D
  22. Evil Eye

    Hidden Winch Project

    Let's do it, man! I have the dremel waiting to go...
  23. Evil Eye

    keep blowing compressor front seal

    Thanks for posting up your resolution!
  24. Evil Eye

    Truckhaven! October 25th-26th

    Thanks, Colin. I couldn't bear to do that to "the sweet unit" and trust me, Danny's been pressuring me to do something with the Exploder. He started out with "How about a shackle lift and 33's?" :eek:
  25. Evil Eye

    Auto parts stores online

    Mods, Can we get this quote sticky'ed?