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  1. acabtp

    driveshaft torque

    thanks, good memory. found my manual later on in the afternoon, specs are as follows: 22 ft-lbs for the bolts at the transfer case end 120-180 in-lbs for the screws holding the u joint at the axle end
  2. acabtp

    My heap is overheating!

    if it's dripping, it means that the system can't pressurize which makes it less efficient... which can lead to overheating. fix the leak.
  3. acabtp

    driveshaft torque

    replacing the front driveshaft (between the t case and the front axle) on my '97 v8 awd. can't find my FSM at the moment, anybody have theirs handy or know off hand the proper install torque values? this is the shaft that has a U joint on the axle end and a CV with six bolts on the transfer...
  4. acabtp

    FIXED - replacing stock trans cooler?

    no problem. i know i always hate it when i find a post where someone asks about something i want to know and then just says "nm i figured it out" without saying what the fix was. just to make this the full package: -the 3 bolts holding on the stock cooler have 8mm heads. get 2 from below...
  5. acabtp

    FIXED - replacing stock trans cooler?

    Eh, I figured it out... For anyone in the future who finds this via a search, remove the black plastic cover around the hood latch and you can access the last bolt.
  6. acabtp

    FIXED - replacing stock trans cooler?

    the external trans cooler on my '97 mountaineer (v8 awd 4r70w) is leaking. the one in front of the rad, not inside it. i've sourced an OEM style replacement, new lines, EFI style clamps, etc... but how do i get at the cooler to swap it out? do i need to take the radiator out? or the grille...
  7. acabtp

    Dora is dead...

    all this talk seems like people are trying to convince this guy to keep the ex... that's not the issue. his parents have decided that the truck's a POS and that they are getting rid of it... it's not up to him. i was in the same situation once, many many moons ago, and i really wanted to fix...
  8. acabtp

    Parts in Australia - Buying from US

    find someone in the US who can buy the parts for you and consolidate it all into one shipment so you only have to deal with clearing and paying for customs once
  9. acabtp

    trailer wiring help

    maybe he's trying to hook up a 6 or 7 pin adapter which has aux power for a dump trailer, winch, etc? if so, that won't work with the harness on the explorer; it is only pre-wired for trailer lights. to get a powered hookup, you'd need to run a wire yourself, add a fuse, etc.
  10. acabtp

    Loose gear shifter... and what is this bolt?

    i tightened my bolts down a couple years ago (including using locktite) but they loosened up again it was time to do the job over. however, when i looked, i found that one of them was totally missing. i have other cars, so i was able to take the remaining one down to the hardware store to...
  11. acabtp

    '97 mountaineer axle swap

    Also, for anyone searching in the future... the S621E rear axle (from a '99 mounty) was a direct swap for the S621A that came in my '97 mountaineer. No more ridiculous noise! Problem solved!
  12. acabtp

    rear rotor question

    being hard to remove may just indicate that the parking brake is adjusted incorrectly or rusted, so the rotor may or may not be warped. the way to test if it is actually warped, or if the axle is bent, is with a dial indicator to measure the runout as you turn it. from your description, it...
  13. acabtp

    '97 mountaineer axle swap

    well, i got the lock bolt removed. in case anyone finds this in the future by searching: i ground the end down on an 8mm socket to remove the chamfer so that it could get a grip as far down on the head of the bolt as possible. came out no problem.
  14. acabtp

    steering wheel size??

    well i hope that they can literally glue you guys back together, or i will be figuratively all broken up!
  15. acabtp

    '97 mountaineer axle swap

    Follow-up question: Are there any bright ideas to remove the lock bolt inside the old differential? It is really on there and it is starting to get stripped. I have soaked it in penetrant, heat cycled it a few times with a torch, tapped it with a punch, but it still won't budge. I am about...
  16. acabtp

    Help! Rounded spark plug!

    you can't drill the plug now that the ezout is stuck in there. it will just break the drill bits. sorry, i do not have any helpful ideas.
  17. acabtp

    Roof Rack - Rated capacity?

    i am a bit over 200 lbs and it definitely did NOT feel safe when I was up there :D
  18. acabtp

    '97 mountaineer axle swap

    i am swapping rear axles (3.73 lsd) on my '97 mountaineer (v8 awd). old part is a S621A 3L73 88 7A23 with lots of carrier bearing noise "new" part is a S621E 3L73 88 9B06 from a lower mileage donor everything I can find says that they are interchangable and things are bolting up so far, but I...
  19. acabtp

    what year rear ends can i swap to my 97 mountaineer?

    when driving, my truck's made differential noise for about 4 years. it's gotten progressively worse, and now is to the point where it is not possible to hold normal conversation in the truck over 30 mph, or listen to the radio on the highway. i've put the truck up on jackstands and poked...
  20. acabtp

    warrior shackle question

    great thanks. i built myself a set of these today... 9 1/4" bolt spacing, so slightly larger than the war-153's. i'll upload some pictures later on.
  21. acabtp

    warrior shackle question

    thanks. i came up with a bolt to bolt spacing of about 9 - 9.5" to yield a lift of 2.25"... going to give that a shot tomorrow. if anybody is interested in the set of shackles that do 1" lift in the rear, let me know, i don't really have a use for them, so i'd let them go fairly cheap.
  22. acabtp

    warrior shackle question

    nevermind, figured out where in my math i went wrong
  23. acabtp

    warrior shackle question

    those warrior shackles are extremely simple, and i didn't feel like waiting a few days to get a set delivered, so i just made a pair out of scrap bar stock i had lying around. my calculations were a little off though, and i only ended up with 1" of lift instead of the 2" i had hoped for...
  24. acabtp

    need to bypass AC on 1997 mountaineer (v8)... what size serp. belt?

    indeed... already 'fixed' and back on the road!
  25. acabtp

    need to bypass AC on 1997 mountaineer (v8)... what size serp. belt?

    through some more searching, found the answer to my own question... so here it is in the interest of anybody searching for this in the future. for the 5.0 engine, the belt to bypass the AC compressor is the Duralast 835K6. here's a link to an old thread i found with the info. :thumbsup: