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    Where is the brake controller cable / plug?

    I did the brake controller install this weekend on a 2017 explorer. Remove two 7mm screws for the plastic panel under the steering wheel. Pull the panel off. Remove the metal shield held on by 4 10mm screws. Brake controller connector (gray) is just above the brake and accelerator pedal.
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    Foglight bulb access cover part number?

    Thanks, I ordered it for local pickup. Once you place the order, then the Ford Part Number is revealed: Left side cover FB5Z13064A
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    Foglight bulb access cover part number?

    I pulled the passenger side cover and got the part number of it, FB53-13052-AA. However, no luck with a google search. I think you have to buy the entire fender liner just to get this foglight bulb access cover. I will just cut my own from some plastic for now
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    Foglight bulb access cover part number?

    Hi all, Just picked up a 2017 Explorer and buying some misc missing parts. The cover to access the driver side fog light bulb is missing and I can t find a parts diagram that has it. Does anyone have a part number for this? This is the cover that is in the tire fender wall/liner, not the...
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    Lower grille cutout?

    Just picked up a used 2017 platinum. When I was inspecting the suv, I noticed there was no underbody panel covering the oil filter and pan. From checking online, it looks like there is no panel on the explorer but some do come with an metal air deflector. Can someone confirm if the ecoboost...