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    96' Fixing Up Troubled Ride...

    I have a 96 explorer with V8 and awd. The problem is the truck is up to 84k and starting to develop a very poor ride. I can hear the front suspension sweak when the suspension articulates over dips in the driveway. The ride is very harsh and I can feel the grain of the road (well almost). At low...
  2. K

    96' AWD V8 - Lift Options

    Want to know my lift options for optimum off-road ability. Understand high costs, want best solution. Thanks.
  3. K

    96 Explorer Ride Quality - Status: Crappy....

    Need to know what suspension parts can be changed. Bushings, etc. To increase ride quality. Want smoothest ride possible. Thinking about edelbrocks. 96 EB V8
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    power antenna

    The answer is that it is somehwere in the rear amp area. However, after much stress and fiddling (both mine and audio shop) we have not found it. Here's a tip. Find the antenna leads (under passenger dash) It should be two wires covered by a sheath. This is the - and + for the motor. Strip a 1/4...
  5. K

    Borla or Dynomax?

    I have a 96' EB V8 with a Magnaflow dual 2.5"-in and a 3"-out with a dual 3" slanted tip. This, if you have the V8 is the best throaty sounding exhaust you can buy. Have not dyno'd but guess 10-15hp. I like "GlassPack" Mufflers instead of the Borlas for a deeper "throaty" sound. I also recommend...
  6. K

    Rate your exhaust system

    I recently added a Magnaflow Dual 2.5" In, and 3" out. The shop ran a 3" pipe to the back with a dual 3" slanted chrome tip out the rear right. If you have a v8 explorer, this is the muffler to buy. I have had nothing but compliments. It sounds like an old chriscraft when idling and exactly like...
  7. K

    96' AWD V8 - Poor Ride and Clunking (HELP ME!)

    I have noticed more shaking, rattling, and rolling in my front suspension. The car has had the shocks replaced at 55,000 and now has 58,000. Also a problem is "tracking" as the car wants to go all over the place over washboards and potholes. Are there any bushings that need to be replaced or a...
  8. K

    Performance Upgrades - 96' 5.0 V8

    I have a 96' Eddie Bauer with the v8. I was wondering, besides supercharging, what are some bang for your buck mods to do to the v8? Anyone who has used a product and found good results, please tell me 'bout it! Thanks, also if anyone has an exhaust or performance parts for sale, I am...
  9. K

    Are stock speakers fine with aftermarket head unit?

    Yes, they will work fine. However, they will never sound as good as aftermarket speakers. They are jbl or delco speakers and use paper or plastic cones (crap) and foam surrounds (crappy crap). I would highly suggest at least a decent pair of speakers for the front if not all four. Pioneer make...
  10. K

    For Sale: Audio Equiptment

    I have some stuff to sell, all in excellent condition. First off is 99' Sony Xplod XM2252HX used for less than a week. It is a 2 channel amplifier rated at 650wX1@4ohms. It was reviewed by car stereo review to be 722wX1@4ohms or 225x2. It has a switchable power supply (high current or high...
  11. K

    Sony Xplod Amp for Sale! Plus install tips for 95+ explorers

    <P> This is a mint SONY car amplifier I purchased in July 99'. I bought the amp but found out it is way to much power for my single 8" sub. I am therefore selling this amp, used only for 3 days, and in mint condition. This monster amp runs cool, and can drive loads down to 1-ohm. I...
  12. K

    96 Power Antenna Problem

    I added an Kenwood Excelon-x911 head unit and seperate amps. The problem I am having is the power antenna not going up. Since the car had the JBL system, the adaptor had no power antenna lead (must be activated by the ford amp). Therefore I need help finding the lead, and/or how to leave the...