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    Frame/Sway Bar Measurements?

    I am looking for some measurements for front frame width and sway bar measurements. Frame, I am looking for the width between the sway bar mounting clamps. Sway Bar, looking for total width from the end link holes and also how long the bars extend back from the bend to the links. I...
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    Dan's Half Cab

    Cant wait for the post!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Help with fuel mileage

    I will look into putting my electric fan back on, all that will cost is getting a new controller. A CAI is on the list anyways after I hydro'd my last engine. Something up high but not a snorkel or anything like that. The exhaust has a 2.5" muffler directly after the cats and then dumps. I have...
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    Help with fuel mileage

    I will have to look for the aldive threads up. I used to run a T-bird fan with the 2.9 but went to a stock fan with the 4.0 since I couldnt find a controller that would live up to the current draw and constant duty cycles. I really need to find a better controller. As for switching...
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    Help with fuel mileage

    I am looking for any help possible with fuel mileage. I know that I have alot of factors against me such as weighing in at over 4400lbs, 35" tires with 7" lift, 4.88 gears and a A4LD tranny. We are switching from heavy rock crawling to more expedition/camping style wheeling trips where fuel...
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    Bilstein Shocks Rock

    I just put Bilstein 5100's on my Tundra and love them! Definately a nice shock.
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    Mojave Road and Death Valley, March 2011

    The Mojave Rd is a great trail. I just ran it over Halloween. It is stocker friendly and there are plenty of sights. You will want to have the guide book to get everything out of it. The only issue for stockers might be how wet the winter was. Soda dry lake can get really nasty. We normally stay...
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    91 4.0 hitting rev limiter too early

    How can I tell if I have an adjustable one? BTW...the tranny was originally an 86... I didnt use the 91 tranny since it was in poor shape and a 2wd.
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    91 4.0 hitting rev limiter too early

    There is no chip that will raise the rev limiter? I have had one on my old Thunderbird that raised the limiter and removed the speed limiter etc. Who makes an adjustable vacuum module? This might be less expensive anda better choice than a chip.
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    91 4.0 hitting rev limiter too early

    Im not trying to say two things. I do want to get good mileage and when on the freeway I try to keep it a bit slower and keep the RPM's down and try to keep the torque convertor in lock up. Again, I realize its no speed racer and with its super soft suspension, I try to keep it on the slow side...
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    91 4.0 hitting rev limiter too early

    JD4242... I now know that the tranny is the issue. The tranny isnt malfunctioning, its doing what its supposed to do with a shift kit installed. But what is the best way to fix it? I was concerned that it was something wrong with my swap but it looks like this engine just doesnt rev as high...
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    91 4.0 hitting rev limiter too early

    I did not swap the gauges, due the roll cage it was easier to keep the original dash. However, when it is idle, it is correct and verified against the smog machines tach. And at freeway cruise and it is correct according to the gear calculator. However, up in the 5k range...unknown. The zip...
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    91 4.0 hitting rev limiter too early

    This issue only occurs when at WOT. Under normal driving, it is not an issue. However passing on the freeway, merging onto the freeway etc, commonly requires WOT with my big heavy B2. I wasnt sure what the rev limiter was actually set at for the 4.0. The tranny was originally built for the...
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    91 4.0 hitting rev limiter too early

    I have a 91 4.0 in my B2. It has no codes, passed smog and runs well. However, in 1st and 2nd gear at WOT, it will hit the rev limiter at a little over 4500rpms. I have to back off the throttle just a bit and then it will shift. The tranny does have a shift kit, but I cant imagine the rev...
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    Dan's Half Cab

    Do you have any more pics or a build thread for the removable top? I have always wanted to do that!!
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    show off your LIFTED truck

    Here is my 86 B2. Its also in the SAS registry, but I just got some recent pics from a trip and thought I would post them up!
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    Fun in the Desert Sept 24-26

    Rockranger... I know its an old post, but did you go? I didnt see any other Fords there.
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    Extended Radius Arm?

    Back in the day, I extended mine a foot and it made a hige difference offroad. I used a Hobart 140 with flux core.
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    Brakes just not cutting it!! SCARY!

    I looked but could not find a proportioning valve. AutoZone and Kragen dont list one either.
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    Brakes just not cutting it!! SCARY!

    Ok guys, I thought I would put this here since it is all explorer parts! I have a 86 B2 with a 1992 D35 and a 1997 8.8 with disc. James duff stainless lines and all new calipers, pads and rotors. It has horrible brakes and will not lock up the tires! I replaced the MC with one from a 1996...
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    A4LD has no Forward Gears...Still Have Reverse

    I was out on a little road trip in my B2. After a good 300+ mile trip we were almost home. After taking off from a stop light and getting ready to shift to 2nd gear, it just seemed to slip out of gear! Fortunately I was able to coast over to the side of the road. I have no forward gears and it...
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    Need A Cage Fabbed in SoCal!!

    Looking to get a roll cage for my BroncoII. I am in Southern California and am having trouble finding a shop or person to fab one up for me. Any links or recomendations would be great! Thanks!