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    Terrain Management / AdvanceTrac System Errors

    2019 Explorer XLT - searching for answers to the aforementioned issues like everyone describes. In my case, the abs , traction control, hill assist, etc lights come on. They used to disappear after about a minute, but now stay on continuously. Can’t change driving mode (snow, sand, etc)...
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    Inaccurate GPS - Off Route

    The nav in my 2019 Explorer will do that too (show off route and start “floating”). In some cases, it happens in areas where there has been major road re-construction in the past five years. In other cases, the roads have not changed for fifty years. Sometimes too it will show a road in...
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    AGM Battery Settings

    When I purchased two 2019 Explorer XLTs in April 2019, I pulled my Northstar AGMs from my old vehicles and put them in both 2019 Explorers. Didn't do anything other than stick them in and hook them up. No issues. I'm in the cold Northeast......
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    AGM (Absorbant Glass Mat) Battery Upgrade?

    I purchased a 2019 Explorer in April 2019. Traded in a rusty old 2006 F350 plow truck. Took a two year old Northstar AGM battery out if the 2006 F350 before getting rid if it and put the AGM battery in the 2019 Explorer (same battery size - group 65 i think). Works perfect in the...
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    The points should show up automatically; maybe it takes a few days after you load the app.
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    Remote locks not working

    With vehicles basically being computers nowadays, one simple thing to try with electrical gremlins is to reboot the car by unhooking the battery. Can’t hurt, and might help.
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    Center wheel cap finish bubbling- warranty item?

    Not unreasonable to ask; still under warranty. Worst that can happen is they say “no”
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    Electrical Problems

    Had a 2013 Taurus that had wacky electrical issues that I traced to an iphone usb cable that had crimped wires in it. I’d at least remove that usb charger and see what happens
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    2011 Windshield Buzzing Noise

    Picked up a 2019 Explorer about a month ago. Was getting a wind noise above 40 mph from the rear passenger door - sounded like the door wasn’t shut tight or the window was cracked open (they weren’t). Finally figured out the molding l around the immovable portion of the window wasn’t sealed...
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    Faulty Alternator. Can it cause shift problems

    Could affect alot of things. Best get the battery/alternator fixed first before worrying about the other stuff because that may all go away once you get the battery/alternator fixed
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    What would cause all this?

    Have you checked for codes? Those should steer you in the right direction if any exist. Even if there are no codes, that kind of helps because at least it’s not something “hidden”
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    Constant Low Battery

    If it turns out the battery is not the issue, another possibility is the starter itself going bad. In a Ford truck forum I follow, there was a thread about how the bolts in the starter being loose and causing issues. No clue if that applies to Explorer starters. Also check the...
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    2018 with 1,200 miles dealer demo - is this a good deal?

    Agree with this Start real low and see what they come back with.
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    Constant Low Battery

    How old is the battery? A battery can show “good” voltage numbers but may fail a load test. If the battery is more than three years old, if it was me, I’d stick a new battery in. Can’t hurt, and it may solve all your problems. Or if you have another vehicle around and can swap batteries...
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    2002 explorer electrical problem, need help!

    My understanding is that you could have a power surge go through the cables and fry your electronics. Manuals on the chargers I’ve used always say to take the battery out.
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    2016 Driver side heated seats wont turn off

    Yes, but same operation. No fuse, no electrical flow.... No plug connection, no electrical flow..... Still have electrical flow, then you pulled the wrong fuse or unplugged the wrong plug. Sometimes you need to think it through. Doubt you’ll find someone with your exact vehicle with...
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    Solved The E-4WD light is flashing 3 times.

    4x4 light blinks on-off 3times
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    2016 Driver side heated seats wont turn off

    Older similar thread I can't shut the heated seat off on my 2005 Eddie Bauer! It's summer!!!
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    2002 explorer electrical problem, need help!

    Did you test the battery first to make sure it actually charged back up? If the battery is charged properly, are the cables hooked up and tight? Hopefully you didn’t charge the battery with the cables still attached.
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    Where is the brake controller cable / plug?

    Don’t know if this thread will help Location of Connector for Electric Brake Controller w/Factory Tow Package
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    Hey! New old guy (80) from sunny SoCal.

    I have a 2016 Edge (son’s) and 2013 Taurus (wife’s) that have alot of those things - lane keeping, parallel parking assist, front camera, panoramic roof, etc. They’re interesting, but never get used after playing with them in the beginning. Just traded in the 2013 Taurus. Looked online...
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    Engine lights on no key in ignition

    Real stab in the dark/wild guess but I wonder if maybe you have a short somewhere......wire that has chafed over time or mice chewing something. Maybe just coincidence that your keys were in the car. What is the age and voltage on your battery? Might also simply be a matter of the battery...
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    Where can i buy this ?

    Not sure if that would be the rocker panel or something else. Just google your truck year and make and “body parts” and you should have alot of sites with parts diagrams
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    Where can i buy this ?

    My guess is you’ll have to buy the whole running board; they probably don’t sell just the rubber molding as it’s probably epoxied on pretty good Just google your truck year and make and “running board” and you’ll get alot of results
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    Can you reset MyKey with only one key?! HELP!

    Needed a comma - “second, spare”. Hope you’re no longer confused......