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    98 2.5L stubborn exhaust riser nut on egr

    Attempting to remove and clean egr valve and intake passage. The exhaust riser (tube running from exhaust manifold to egr) nut at the egr valve is proving to be very stubborn. Very little room to get a wrench on it. Anyone know of a special tool to make this easier?
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    Ranger 4r44e limp mode problem

    Thanks for the welcome BrooklyBay. The OBD-II code i get is p0401, egr flow insufficient I used an Auto xray code reader.
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    Ranger 4r44e limp mode problem

    This is about a tranny prob with 98 Ranger-4r44e trans....Rebuilt by aamco Aug 1st. All was well until a check engine light revealed an egr issue, next day od light began flashing and trans went into limp mode, with all the goodies that come with that (very rough shifts) Took back to aamco, by...