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    Big Mamma Jamma Firewall Connectors

    Hopefully this is an easy question for someone with a full Chilton's or Haynes manual for the 98 Explorer. I have circuit diagrams for the vehicle, but need to identify the three, large, square connectors that penetrate the firewall on the driver's side. I know that two of them are numbered as...
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    TWO ABS CODES from scan today at BrakesPlus C1102 C1230 So Now What?

    One more bad rear ABS sensor I am just adding my post for statistical reasons having read on a similar thread that the REAR sensor seems to give a solid ABS light 75% of time, which was my case too. I read and wrote down somewhere here that another easy test for these simply magnetic pickups is...
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    Blend door actuator gear missing teeth (picture)

    Has anyone tried to get the gears from OEM? Great pic. The OEM did this one right. The actuator snaps apart easily to allow those cheapy, stripped plastic gears to be replaced for probably $0.02 each. And that is exactly what will happen if you shell out the $60-100 that the dealer charges for...
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    Fuses involved in 97 Explorer ETAC AC System

    It Seems our power distribution boxes may differ Hi Tom, Thank you for the reply, and my apologies for just now getting back to you. I put that car back into storage and left town for several months and only now was able to pop the hood to check out your helpful advice. So here we go :)...
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    Fuses involved in 97 Explorer ETAC AC System

    I'll start with a direct question and then describe the whole problem: Can someone tell me ALL of the fuses that I should check to diagnose the compressor clutch never actuating in a 97 Eddie Bauer Edition Exlorer? I already checked (and switched to just to make sure): both of the 7.5 Amp fuses...