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    best computer to use for a 302 efi

    what would be the best computer to use for a 302 efi swap with a 4r70w trans the 3 computers i was thinking about is one from a mustang or from an F-150 or one from a v8 explorer, which would be the best to use?
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    92 xl clutch swap

    welcome and i would say get a clutch kit and slave but it is not all that hard i did it but two people make it easyer
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    Were does your clutch petal engage?

    my 94 explorer petal engages at the very top and the trans shop says it is fine but the clutch squeaks when it is running in neutral with clutch engaged and when the truck is accelerating hard you can hear this noise like a glass cup sliding a crossed the table constantly but not at normal...
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    Front end conversion question???

    or just swap the frame but that could be a lot of work
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    clutch master cylinder maybe bad HELP

    my sport i have replace the clutch, pressure plate, slave cylinder and it still engages clutch at very top and the master cylinder is making a squeaking noise so is my clutch master cylinder bad and there a little air in the system but i cant get it out i have went through 2 pints of brake...
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    2 inch lift and dunes

    no it is a stick shift and thanks
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    2 inch lift and dunes

    how would a skyjacker 2 inch lift and RANCHO RS5000 shocks do on a all stock 94 ford explorer sport 4x4 do on the sand dune to have a little fun cause i don't want to break it and i don't have all the money in the world.
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    The engine turns over, but it doesn't start.

    is check engine light on when key is on
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    HELP! No fuel no crank totally lost

    ground wire could be a bad ground wirer from engine to the body of the suv
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    v8 in explorer

    i was thinking of putting a mustang 5.0 HO out of early 90s and i know what need to be done to fit the engine but any advise to fit the M5R2 5 speed trans and t-case cause i am searching on how to do this.
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    clutch problem

    1994 ford explorer sport 4x4 5 speed 4.0 v6 miles: 233,000 The guy i bought the truck from said he put a new clutch, slave cylinder and had fly wheel cut. the clutch pedal in my truck is 3/4 up from the floor before the clutch engages and and has been that way since i bought it. Now i feel...
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    V8 swap?

    v8 i have seen 302s from mustangs, 2nd gen explorers and some f-150s but the intake would need to be change to clear hood on f-150 and the explorers i think have more wiring than a mustang cause the explorers use coil packs and mustangs use a distributer. just search youtube for v8 explorers...
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    3.8 supercharge v6 in a 94 ford explorer sport

    i was tired of seeing all the v8 i was just thinking of something different for a change.
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    3.8 supercharge v6 in a 94 ford explorer sport

    well when you research the engine ford upgraded the engine a lot to stand the supercharger like rings, rods, and heads to cool the engine better so it is harder to blow the head gaskets. the only real way to blow the head gaskets is to have the water pump go out or stuck close thermostat and...
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    3.8 supercharge v6 in a 94 ford explorer sport

    i was thinking when my high miles 4.0 kicks the bucket instead of trying to put a 302 in it i think it would be cool to put a 3.8 supercharged v6 from a thunder bird sc with a five speed in my explorer cause i was thinking of trying something different. Not only will i increase power i mite be...
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    explorer manual transmission trouble

    more information reply to Anime: when i bought the truck the guy just put a new clutch in it cause he blew up the old one and the clutch i don't think was bleed correctly when you idle and engage the clutch it don't happen until half way up from the floor or it could be the master or slave...
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    explorer manual transmission trouble

    hi i have 94 ford explorer sport 4x4 with a 5 speed and having a trans problem when i shift into 3rd it always grinds but all the other gears shift fine the miles on it are 233000 miles. i think it is the Synchronizers for the gear sorry i cant spell very good