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    4.6 v8 explorer knocking noise when warm

    The torque converter could be the source of the noise. You're gonna need to get a stethoscope to isolate further. The 4.6L V8 does have issues with oil pump failure, you'll need to hook up an external gauge to see where it is at. When the bottom end goes, it usually spins a rod bearing...
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    Tricks for servo circlip removal?

    Yet another 5r55w tranny with worn servo bores. I am doing this one my back, and circlips are winning. Any tips or tricks for getting these clips out?
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    2002 mountaineer tranny issues

    Worn servo bores would be my guess.
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    Having problems replacing serpentine belt

    There are two slightly different length belts - make sure you have the correct one. You may need to have your VIN when you visit your local AutoScrewup parts store.
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    Wheel bearings again :X

    Have your tires rotated. Lots of folks get fooled by feathered/cupped tires. The noise will follow the tire. Bearings grind, they dont howl.
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    Low Coolant - No leaks, GOOD head gasket

    Just one other thing: I've had problems with Spectra radiators - a common Chinese low-cost replacement radiator. They usually develop a leak at the tank/core seam. Small at first, then eventually a torrent. The radiator cannot be repaired.
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    4.6L Coolant loss and Head Gasket Questions

    I guess you are determined to change head gaskets - despite what anyone says. So get back to us when you are finished.
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    Rebuilt 5R55W with Remanufactured Torque Converter

    Thank you for following up on this!
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    Catalytic Converter Code p0420 after wide open throttle

    Downstream o2 sensor should hold steady after ramping up. If it is jumping around like the upstream sensor then your pre-cat has likely failed.
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    Diagnosing A/C Problems

    Great write up!
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    02 Explorer - AWD low torque ?

    Nope. Your long justification is a classic example of uneducated opinion backed by your singular experience. Even when somebody tries helpful info there's gonna be some long-winded "expert" to shlt on it - thats the Internet for ya. I'm done.
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    02 Explorer - AWD low torque ?

    My only point is that Mercon V is absolutely the wrong fluid. Nobody is going to walk into a parts store and find a bottle of "Mercon", and if they ask the parts guy they'll end up with Mercon V (and nobody reads the back label which says not use it in TCs). I did a quick search on this board...
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    Failed Catalytic Converter and O2 Sensors, or something else?

    Mobile version turns off signatures...... An O2 sensor should show some voltage output - likely bouncing around a bit.
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    Failed Catalytic Converter and O2 Sensors, or something else?

    Well I wonder........ Anyways, a little info might help like make, year and engine...... Your scan tool can monitor the O2sensors to see if they're flatlined.
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    Failed Catalytic Converter and O2 Sensors, or something else?

    Why did you drive it before you finished the install?
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    02 Explorer - AWD low torque ?

    Yea because saving money on fluid so that you get to rebuild / replace a TC makes soooo much sense.
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    02 Explorer - AWD low torque ?

    I really dont care what you do, I just want to prevent somebody having TC issues because they used Mercon V.
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    02 Explorer - AWD low torque ?

    The TC fluid is $12/quart - you need two.
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    02 Explorer - AWD low torque ?

    Hard to find old Mercon and Mercon V is a no-no. Ford makes Mercon transfer case fluid.
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    02 Explorer - AWD low torque ?

    Need special transfer case fluid - not plain ol Mercon.
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    2002 AC problem, basics?

    Nope, those kits are a waste. Sonce you dont want to understand your AC system, take it to a shop thst does. A recharge with dye will be about $120.
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    Abs light on and 4x4 high light flashing

    Check front wheel sensors.
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    Engine sounds like a diesel, tech says it's the timing chain. What other parts should I upgrade?

    Didnt you have a tech check it? If you cant isolate this then maybe this job is over your head.
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    Torque Converter Rattle?

    The chain,cams,sprockets have fixed timing relationship indicated by markings - you can time it correctly from any position you can clearly see the marks. PUleys are easy. Fan clutch can be a little tricky - Youtbe and Google are your friends.