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    Scan tool recommendations

    My wife bought me a bluetooth scantool for Christmas this past year on Amazon. It was one of the few under $100 that has the genuine ELM chip. I've been using it on my Android phone with Torque ($5) app and also a more expensive Dash Commander ($45) but can be had free if you are...
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    Will sea foam unstick a hydro lifter?

    I've always used a qt of diesel fuel, idle for 5-10mins then drain. I've dealt with lifter noise on my 460 f250 for years. When I first tried the diesel I had giant clumps and clots of sludge coming out of the drain plug. Even if the manufacturer suggests 30 miles driving, I don't think I...
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    Worst day of my life, goodbye ex.

    That sucks man, you can clearly see someone dumped a shi* ton of gasoline on the truck. Some may call it illegal or unjustified but stupid stuff like that would probably cost someone their life if they tried it on any of my trucks. If I get stuck beyond recovery and have to leave one out on a...
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    burnt rubber smell and rough running engine

    No problem, sometimes it's the simplest things that stump us all.
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    burnt rubber smell and rough running engine

    Check your plug wires. They run really close to your exhaust and could have melted.
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    2 occasions of alternator overcharging battery

    I'm betting that's an inline regulator. As far as 15volts, that's a good way to cook your battery. Chances are if your regulator is shot that you're going to be replacing your batt soon. If you take your alt up to Autozone they should be able to test it for you.
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    2 occasions of alternator overcharging battery

    Sounds like the Voltage regulator is out on your truck. As for a replacement regulator, you can probably purchase the part, but it's actually part of your alternator in most vehicles 95+. So the theory as to why Autozone would sell you one is the same a tire salesman will sell you 6 tires if...
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    huuuge explorer

    :ttiwwp: From the tiny pic in your profile I can't tell anything. It could very well be a john-boat sitting on barrels and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
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    new from illinois

    I can't do anything in the near future, but get some info posted in the Events section.
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    E3 Diamon Fire plugs

    I'd still like to see atleast a 6 month blind test on both brand new stock plugs and the e3's. If someone needs to replace their plugs I can take a stock plug, put a fancy name on it, guarantee performance increase and deliver those results. I almost bought the E3s myself about a year ago...
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    E3 Diamon Fire plugs

    Limited02, everyone I've known who have used Pulstar say they are junk. No proven increase in performance with them. Check the internet there are a lot of reviews on them. Most show about a .5% increase in hp and about a 5-10% decrease in mpg. As for the E3's.. I'm still on the fence about...
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    new from illinois

    Welcome to the club, David, I'm up in Bourbonnais. There was also a guy near Schamburg looking for explorer groups a while back.
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    Why switch from AWD to 4WD?

    I think Eric has a Bronco as well so I don't think he's hurting for the 4x4 mode. I know my Bronco has quickly surpassed my Explorer for any and all trail use in my book. But a lot of that simply has to do with almost 10-12 inches more ground clearance. That and I'll be moving up to 35's when...
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    Why switch from AWD to 4WD?

    I like the AWD just fine. Another point people have not hit on is this: The stock 4x4's are 4.0 V6... the AWD is 5.0 V8.... There's your difference in MPG. But if we are blindly comparing apples to oranges: My 80 Bronco gets about 9 mpg in 2wd, but my AWD Explorer gets about 16...
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    Not used to X's- Stupid question inside...

    Wet grass can be as slick as heck to be honest. The biggest danger is if your front tires sink in, then your Explorer has essentially become a farmers plow. As for lockers, check your axle code as a lot of 2nd gens come with limited slip rear ends. I don't think it would warrant the $$ and...
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    How much longer will I be able to drive my 2002 XLT (rear wheel bearing noise)?

    When you discover a loose or missing oil drain plug you'll change that as well. I can change my oil with 15k mileage Mobil 1 full synthetic + premium oil filter for under $35. Doing this I save money and get the added protection of a premium synthetic. Thats $35 + $6 filter and topoff oil...
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    Fast blinking turn signal

    Check the connector at the bulb for voltage. A fast turn signal is an indicator that the bulb is out or that the flow of voltage has been compromised. It could be something as simple as a loose connector or broken wire at the light housing.
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    Painting Brake Rotors

    I believe the OP has mixed up their info. Painting the contact surface of a Rotor is just plain dumb by any means. I have seen non-contact surfaces of rotors painted, but painting any portion of the rotor will cause a reduction in the cooling ability and can lead to premature failure.
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    What size are these??

    little x is dead on, Relatively speaking tho, they will be pretty close to the same size.
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    i bought a 93 sport for $300 last night

    Make sure the wheeling your going to be doing with it won't cause issues with body twist. I know on the Broncos if you wheel them without the top you run the risk of twisting the body or even the frame. I'd imagine the risk would be even greater with a truck that isn't designed to be topless...
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    Strange Rumbling from Front End

    Check both bearings, if one is shot the other is probably in line right behind it. When mine went out it showed all the signs of the right side being the culprit, but it turned out to be the left.
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    11 mpg?

    It's not the weight that makes a big difference, it's the loss of centrifugal force and other factors because your increasing the outer circumference of the tire. Think of it like a 10-speed bicycle, if you start with the little gear up front on the big gear in back, it's hard as heck to turn...
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    Dealer versus repair shop for transmission rebuild-please help me choose

    Dealer will generally cost you close to double for work. Sometimes you can catch them when they are slow and get a HUGE break, but that is pretty rare. No matter who you go to you can figure if something fails with the Trans they will try to weasel out of making good on any guarantee...
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    PSA for all

    I agree, 2k miles isn't very far over the oil change interval, and with city driving your just talking maybe 2-3 weeks past scheduled oil change. $1,200 for a used motor is highway robbery btw. I can get them all day long for $100-500 depending on mileage.
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    Ticket for accelerating too fast with my 35s and stock gears

    I don't know if it has been stated already, but if you take it to Court you can have it dismissed due to the misspelling on it. Look up the ordinances in the area you were ticketed. In almost all areas it would be an "unlawful exhibition of speed" as the offense. This covers just about...