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    Radio LED display fix!!!

    I have a '98 Explorer and the display is usually off when I first start the car. After it warms up, the display stays on. I guess it expands as it warms up and makes a good connection then. Using the instructions from this thread, I took out the radio and removed the power supply board. It...
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    3rd Brake Light Flickers When Off

    I have a '98 Explorer XLT and I just started noticing the 3rd rear brake light is flickering even when the car is off. My first question is did the '98 come from the factory this way (perhaps this is a feature) and I just haven't noticed it? I have reviewed the other articles that talk about...
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    Spark Plug Tool?

    Wrong size socket I went by the auto parts store and saw the size of the plug. My spark plug socket was much larger. I bought a new socket and everything is great!! Thanks, Rees
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    Spark Plug Tool?

    I have a '98 XLT 4.0L SOHC and thought I would replace the plugs before we take our summer vacation. I decided to pull a plug and look at it so I tried my spark plug socket on the center plug on the driver side. I can't seem to get my socket around the plug. Is there a special tool required...