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    Half shaft

    Hey all, I plan on replacing all ball joints and tie rod ends in a few weeks. Changed the oil on the Ex last weekend only to find a torn boot on the driver's side half shaft. Since I'll pretty much have everything ripped apart, should i just replace the whole thing or can i get by with...
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    looking for a used ball joint

    You really don't want to use used or worn out ball joints on your vehicle. That's a serious safety issue, basically the same as riding around with the damaged or worn out ball joints on your truck that are giving you problems. Ball joints are cheap, getting them new will save you a lot of...
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    '96 Explorer 4x4 XLT ABS System Issues

    Tires have nothing to do with it. There's an ABS sensor on the rear axle on the pumpkin that is usually the culprit. The sensor is 10-20 dollars and only takes a few minutes to replace.
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    Which SUV is the better option?

    Ford improved the Expedition in the 02 model year, whenever they changed the body style. They addressed the spark plug problem and also the issues with the manifold as well, which were both pretty common on the earlier models. I would go with the Expedition.
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    05 explorer 4wd lower ball joint replacement

    Even though this is from the 1995-2001 forum, the process is the same. Check this link:
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    Parts store

    I agree with what Exproblems stated about going to the major "chain" repair shops. the mark up on the parts can be astronomical, but they really make the money on the labor. I would venture to say that the majority of that estimate was the labor. I had a similar situation happen where I went to...
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    Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint question

    You can press out the ball joints on the 02-05's. The best way is to remove the whole control arm itself. Trying to remove and then press in the ball joint with the control arm still attatched is difficult because there isn't alot of room in there to get the tool in. There is a thread showing...
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    What kind of grease...

    Thanks for the help. I had to replace the right side caliper bracket because 1 of the caliper pins seized in it. Silicone grease sounds like the best thing to use since it won't dry out like whatever was in there. I'm assuming it was just regular lube grease. I had the idea for the boat grease...
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    What kind of grease...

    To use to lubricate caliper slide pins? I was thinking lithium or boat grease. any suggestions?
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    *Should* Replace Control Arms with Ball Joints?

    02-05 Explorers are 3rd gen. There is sticky to replace lower ball joints in the 95-01 explorer forum. It describes the procedure to replace just the ball joints and has pictures as well. it's not really neceassary to replace the arm itself. The process is pretty much the same for 3rd gen explorers.
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    Which Hub Bearing

    Timken is the best quality. It is cheaper on the rock auto site, 106.00 I think.
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    Shaky center console and front seats

    Check for play in the u-joints by moving them from side to side and up and down as the drive shaft sits while you are underneath it. If those bolts are that hard to get off, those are probably the original u-joints and probably need to be replaced.
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    Shaky center console and front seats

    You might want to check the other U-joints as well.
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    Lower Ball Joint Replacement How To (lots of Pictures)

    Just did all the ball joints, shocks, and brakes on my friends 2000 Explorer. Having a "BFH" and PB Blaster were a big help, considering the truck was rusty as hell from sitting for several months. I used the ball joint press kit from Autozone. The kit was simple enough for both removal and...
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    Wanted Locate a fuel line

    Nylon hose would be better, doesn't break down over time and handles high pressure.
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    Spare tire winch

    Has anyone ever repaired or replaced it for 02-05's?
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    Tranny problem

    I think my daughters 2000 Mountaineer awd transmisson is toast. It's only going in reverse, no forward gears at all. Any ideas to fix it other than replacing or rebuilding it? If it's not a simple fix, I'm leaning toward having it rebuilt, can't afford a new one and I don't want someone else's...
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    HELP! No heat/ Overheat

    As stated above, water pump or thermostat. Replace the thermostat first,since it's the easiest and the cheapest to do, especially in 8 degree weather!
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    Upper Ball Joint question

    Pressing in the new ball joints is just a little more time consuming then if you used new control arms. Likewise, going with the new control arms would be more expensive....
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    Made a bad purchase, trying to make it work

    +1, the only real issues with the Expedition was the manifold, on 2001 and down vehicles. Other than guzzling a little more gas, pretty reliable.
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    Engine oil dripping from FR corner of radiator

    Might be transmission fluid coming from the transmission cooling lines. I don't think it would be motor oil down that low unless you spilled some or getting blowback from the oil pan, still unlikely. Leaning more towards the tranny lines. Get under there with good light and see where the drip is...
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    Looking for Third Row seat

    I've heard of people modifying the trucks around that time, but have never seen it as a dealer option.
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    Looking for Third Row seat

    No, they didn't come with a third row in those years.
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    Help, EX is Shaking!

    I agree with checking the u-joints and swapping the tires. It's not uncommon for tires to have bad belts, even new tires. Also consider that if you've never changed the u-joints, which are more likely the originals and also non-greaseable, that would be the next best possibility.