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    trouble code assistance please...

    hey explorer has a check engine light that comes and goes as it pleases. i went to Autozone and the computer spit out some codes, but they said that they didn't have it in their system. the codes were 53, 95, 39, in that order. is there a website or source with the code numbers and...
  2. B tranny is slipping...what do i do?

    i cannot get into any other drive gear except D4. a long while ago, i had my mechanic install a Fram Sure Drain into the center of the pan and a magnetic plug into the driver-rear corner of the pan (only two place that he said it would fit). since then, i cannot get into any other Drive gear...
  3. B tranny is slipping...what do i do?

    what does a rebuild cost and what kind of work is involved? not me...i am not mechanically inclined enough to do this myself. i'm going to have to pay to get this done.
  4. B tranny is slipping...what do i do?

    it's been doing it for a while, but i was hopeing that i was just a fluke. well, the past few months, after i pull out of my driveway and put the truck in Drive, it'll take a while for it to kick in. i step on gas, but it acts like it's in Neutral. last week was the worst. i have to stomp on...
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    how long leave seafoam in oil before next change?

    as far as the tranny speed governor is sticking still, so i'm hoping that it'll free up the gunk on the governor...and i also want to clean out the transmission valve body.
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    how long leave seafoam in oil before next change?

    i just ran 1/2 a bottle of seafoam thru the pcv valve. so far so good. i didn't notice a large amount of white smoke that came from my exhaust. just enough to notice, not enough to call the fire dept. does that mean that it was pretty clean in the first place? tonight, i'm going to do an...
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    abs light and parking brake light on

    after i start up the X and drive around for a bit, sometimes i hear a click from the rear, then the abs and ebrake light will come on. is it just a sensor?
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    for those of you who have replaced your spring/door handle, which route would you go if you had to do this again? replace the handle assembly or replace the spring? i think i'd be willing to spend the $60 for the handle assembly, then to play around for 1 hr looking for parts + 4 hrs for...
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    front left suspension STILL making noise...what's going on?

    i just had all of my bushings replaced with daystar ones. axle, pivot, shackles. there is still noise coming from the front left suspension. it seems like it's coming from the radius arm area, but i could be wrong. it makes noise when i step on the gas hard and the front end kicks up, when i...
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    i replaced my bushings with urethane bushings!!! now i have a question about popping

    that's exactly what they sound like. i'm going to put some grease on them this weekend. i'll let you know if the sound persists. thanks.
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    i replaced my bushings with urethane bushings!!! now i have a question about popping

    dang it...i'm getting some sort of harsh squeaking sound coming from what seems like the radius arm bushing area. do you think that it's cuz i didn't grease them? it wouldn't make sense cuz the packaging didn't even come with grease. the noise happens when i go over speed bumps. it also...
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    i replaced my bushings with urethane bushings!!! now i have a question about popping

    EXPLODER-1...i used a blow torch to burn them. then i used an air hammer to knock them out. i had to do that with all the bushings except for the radius arm bushing. Josh S....did you also replace the rear swaybar bushing? if i'm not mistaken, isn't grease only used to get the bushing...
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    i replaced my bushings with urethane bushings!!! now i have a question about popping

    the X rides so differently now. i love how much tighter everything feels. after i got my radius arm bushings replaced, i started to get a lot of spueaking from that area, especially when i go over bumps. there is also a popping sound that i am getting when i go over bumps. was i supposed to...
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    SeaFoam Transtune...has anyone used it?

    does anyone recommend or not recommend using it? this was the only product that i found that said that it actually removes gum and varnish from the transmission. it says that i don't have to, but should i drive it around for a while then flush the tranny out again? any thoughts on this...
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    should i replace it or drive it til it breaks?

    jimabena74...i have the same symptoms as the post of the SPEED GOVERNOR WOES Dead Link Removed . that's why i assumed that it was the speed governor. i do not know too much about the mechanics of what is going on. i do not know if the speed gov is damaged. operahouse...did you put an oil...
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    should i replace it or drive it til it breaks?

    the speed governor is still sticking. i took it to my mechanic and he said that the fluid had some metal traces in there. i got the transmission flushed and went back after a month to check on the fluid. he said that there was some metal filings still coming back. is it the filings that...
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    matt...props on your write up of your truck and your site...i really like it. lots of pictures and very informative. your truck is coming along quite nicely.
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    Tornado Fuel Saver???

    anyone hear anything about this thing? does it work? i saw it on tv the other day. i'm thinking about ordering it. has anyone had any luck with anything like this. as we all know, we could use all the help that we can get when it comes to fuel economy.
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    having problems shifting out of first - first thing in the morning

    update... well, i took the truck to the shop a few weeks ago, and he said that he cleaned the speed governor. in the morning (the only time the problem exists), the truck shifts out of first sooner, but still kinda sticks. i took the truck back to the shop today and i decided to stay and...
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    New Paint job, not looking good

    i'm with the person who said to switch the hood. there's never anything like a factory finish. even though the batch of paint is slightly different, it's better than orange peel. that's just crap. your X is still new and no real oxidation has taken place yet. you don't have to factor the...
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    popping sound in front left suspension area

    looks like my mechanic can do it for $130 to replace the radius arm and pivot arm bushings. i called a few other places and they all told me $200-300. they all said that it was a good 3 hour job. is that really how long it'll take to do this job? they said they pretty much have to take apart...
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    anyone know a good mechanic in the pheonix area?

    i need someone to replace my bushings next weekend. other than that, i need someone i can trust. i've been going to danny over at pro automotive in mesa since i've purchased my truck, but sometimes he makes me wonder about his work. he does have some of the best prices in town, and does a...
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    popping sound in front left suspension area

    i'm debating on if i should upgrade my swaybars to the explorer express setup for the front and rear. that's the only reason why i don't think that i will replace the swaybar bushings. other than that, i do plan on replacing everything else. i'm calling my mechanic tomorrow to see how much he...
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    anyone know a good mechanic in the pheonix area?

    all of phoenix is fine, but if possible, any near the tempe/mesa area? of course, trustworthy. although, if there's someone on this board, i'll drive anywhere within reason. thanks.
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    popping sound in front left suspension area

    how difficult is it to replace the radius arm bushings and pivot bushings? the daystar bushings seem really reasonably priced. any other bushings that you guys recommend? anything else that i should replace while i replace those bushings? thanks a lot guys.