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    20” rims and Rancho quick lift.

    I have 32" (265/75/16) tires with the quicklifts, but I have stock wheels so they don't stick out. IMO tires that stick out look ridiculous and in most places you need fender flares to cover at least 50% of the tire.
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    3rd gen lift help please

    The quicklifts gave me about an inch in the rear, and leveled the front. I am running 265/75/16's and they give it a nice beefy look, but don't look oversized. They fill out the wheel arches. I have posted pics around the forum, just can't remember where. I am on my chromebook, not my laptop so...
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    In-Channel Window Deflector or Outside?

    I have Wade in channel visors on all 4 doors. Make sure you clean the channel really well before you put them in. My rear windows seem to stick more and need help going down in colder weather. I feel the in channel gives more protection that stick on, which my step dad has on one of his Equinox's.
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    3rd gen lift help please

    Your options are a complete custom lift kit Rancho Quick Lift Struts. Body lift.
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    265/70R16 tyres on 2002 Ford no lifting?

    I would go with a 245/75. Same diameter of the 265/70, just not as wide.
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    I miss my Explorer.

    I feel I'm almost ready to let my Mountaineer go. I love it, it's gotten me around for 5 years, I have taken it across the country, and through some of Moab's easier trails, and have put a lot of money in repairs into it over the years. But, all good things must come to an end. I love how it...
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    It was worth it to me to fix mine. Get your own parts from Rock Auto and pay a shop labor, you will save a lot of money.
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    Ranchos or Spacers?

    I have the quick lifts and am satisfied by them. I am running 265/75/16 Cooper Discoverer RTX's. Fuel mileage sucks, but it looks good imo.
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    4.0 Mountaineer won't start

    I have been having issues lately with my Mounty not starting. I'll turn the key and it will crank, but won't start. I'll take the key out and put it back in and it will start and run. It recently started just cranking but not starting. It would start with a jump, so I replace my battery...
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    Seemingly dangerous job...

    make use of a decent pry bar. I used a pipe on the end of a breaker bar when I put my rancho's in.
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    Ford Rapter Style Custom Grill

    Doubt it since there isn't much aftermarket for the explorers. Also, them being 12-15 years old doesn't scream money maker to a company to make them. Chances are you'll have to have one custom made.
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    2004 Explorer 4.0 slight ticking noise when at idle.

    It's your timing chain tensioner not putting enough tension on the cassette guides. Make sure you keep your oil topped off. Start saving your pennies because it's going to be pricy to fix. I paid about $3500 for labor and my own parts to have a shop fix my timing chains.
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    Insurance Rant

    I had Geico and when I got married a could years ago Esurance came in cheaper. A friend of mine is a State Farm rep and he asked if he could do a quote on me for my Mountaineer and wife's Honda Fit. The quote came in cheaper and with much better coverage. I recently picked up a beater Honda...
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    EXHAUST - I want it loud

    If you want a little louder than stock but manageable on the highway go with Magnaflow, or if you want to spend a little less go with Gibson.
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    verified capacity of fuel tank

    I squeezed in 22.7 gallons a couple years ago when I was moving from Utah to Maryland. I drove from Limon, CO to Salina, KS on a tank, with the whole back filled with my stuff and a bike on a bike rack on the back.
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    Looking for motor

    Is the motor not repairable?
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    Looking for mod ideas

    There aren't many aftermarket mods for these without modifying stuff. Easy mods are swapping the bulbs for LED bulbs, and customizing the interior. Lifting (body or strut spacers) is do able for a couple hundred bucks. To post a pic, it needs to be hosted on an external website, and then when...
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    New guy, looking for purchasing input

    Timing chains are a bitc* on the 4.0. The rear hatch that is cracked is pretty common. Honestly, I think $7k for a 2wd 12 year old SUV is pretty pricy, I would try and haggle with them, but personally wouldn't pay over 5k for it.
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    Yes, but when you program the new one you need to have all remotes you want programmed. To program, with all doors shut, cycle the key to the on position (do not start) and off 10 times. On the 10th time (ending in the on position) you will hear a chime and the locks will cycle. Press the lock...
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    Is the windshield washer weird, or is it just me?

    Pressing the button quickly and letting it go will cycle the wipers. Holding it down for more than a second will spray washer fluid and will cycle them 3 times after you release the button.
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    4.0 unknown issue need help

    Do you hear a rattling from the engine while it is running?
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    Who's completed a 3V or 4V swap?

    One member swapped in a DOHC 5.4L.
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    rear differential compatability

    Rock auto shows the same part numbers for the 31 spline 8.8" Eaton posi rear differential between the 2002 and a 2006. They also show the same part numbers for the front as well with the Dana 30, 27 spline.
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    BTF UCAs and spacers from 3rd gen compatible with 4th gen?

    From my search on part numbers between OEM UCA's, they are different between the 3rd and 4th gen.