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    Semi-autonomous driving in Ford's future, soon ???

    - Hello again Peter, (long time no 'see' )! - Well that's sad to hear - that Ford no longer monitors the forum. So much for good PR and customer service! I did send Ford corporate the same correspondence, for what good that will accomplish. Probably only a standard computer generated response...
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    Semi-autonomous driving in Ford's future, soon ???

    FMC, Please ... - A particular auto manufacturer* has stated that if you happen to own certain of their 2016 models that have adaptive cruise control, auto parking, blind spot warning, and lane keeping , etc. you can go to your dealer and, for a fee, have your vehicle upgraded to...
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    Split Armrest Issue

    Are you kidding me ??? What a superb job, here’s a guy that is a real DIY expert. I doubt if there’s a shop that could do better. Kudos !
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    2011 - 2018 Explorer Power Steering Issue

    I could be wrong, but I think the “old” hydraulic power steering systems were less of a problem. Maybe you had to occasionally check the fluid level and the pump belt tension but that was it. These “EPAS” units are a P.I.T.A. (!)
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    100% autostop with 302A / adaptive cruise ?

    Peter: Long time no 'see' , (and fellow MKT owner). Thanks for the info. 'Will do that. BTW, yes, I still have the '13 Limited EX too ... - "Hi" to the pooches- ' David
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    100% autostop with 302A / adaptive cruise ?

    "Crystal" : First of all, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is never easy. - FYI: I would sooooo appreciate your forwarding this subject, (upgrading our 302-A / adaptive cruise control systems), to 100% auto stop. Many competitors now advertise this safety feature. All it would require...
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    100% autostop with 302A / adaptive cruise ?

    :eek: We are now seeing many ads illustrating FULL auto stop to avoid a collision w/o the driver ever touching the brake, some even braking if something is sensed when backing up. - For those of us with the 302A package do you think we will ever be able to “upgrade” to this feature? We...
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    Water Leak

    “Juliehopson63” Re: that funky smell. Try this. Get a proper size “Tupperware” container. Punch many holes into the lid. Fill with fresh coffee grounds. Place in that area. Change as required. It will even get rid of cigarette smells. Good luck.
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    Water Leak

    I kinda wonder if some of the 100,000s of police Explorers out there have the same problem w/o the departments noticing it until the spare tire well is full??? - Do Explorers that get a lot of "body flexing" get those leaks?- - I would love to know the % of our Explorers that have this leak...
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    New owner

    GunnyT: Get this, my wife has a Lincoln MKT that's huge and she loves it. Like you, I like the Ex Limited much better. That's "off the record" of course !
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    New owner

    Welcome to the forum ‘Ruby Red Ex” - be prepared to look over your shoulder every time you park at the mall. It’s that good looking! BTW, I added a WeatherTech cargo mat, rear bumper protector, and mud guards right after taking delivery. ‘Glad I did. If you got all the high tech extras also...
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    Class III trailer tow package contents

    Ummmmm, I don't know if this will answer your question, but my 2013 Limited 4WD with tow has two sockets, (one on the left & one on the right). Maybe because of this we don't need an adapter?
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    Swaying 2014

    My 2013 Limited 302A is the most stable SUV I've ever owned. If you check past issues of the "buff mags", you will see that they agree. It's no Corvette, but for a crossover it's pretty damn good. BTW, I run 38psi constantly, (that's 3 psi over).
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    Dashboard cleaning 101

    What ??? !!! I Googled " Vinylx " and all that came up was nail polish ! - Did you use the "Ruby Red Chromelux Metallic" color on the dash? Pics ??? !!! :^O
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    OK, So What Do You DISLIKE About The 5th Gen?

    I agree with “peterk9” - the auto lamps come on when starting in the garage. But, for that reason, I usually make sure that the knob is not in the “auto” position when starting. 'Don't want to make life hard for those $$$ HIDs (!) - Now for my rants: 1.) I still wish we could have the dual...
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    2013 Explorer Lane keeping assist is cool!

    Lane change can be a life saver. It constantly watches your steering input to see if you're getting sleepy, etc. It will beep you, suggest a coffee stop or rest. It will indicate a coffee cup on the left LCD screen, vibrate the steering wheel, and tell you to "put your hands on the wheel" if...
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    Same here, (2013 Limited w/ the 302A pkg, towing, 4wd, dual pan moon roof, the works. )...

    Same here, (2013 Limited w/ the 302A pkg, towing, 4wd, dual pan moon roof, the works. ) Purchased the Ford ESP a few months ago because of all the tech stuf. Feel better now.
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    New from South Korea

    Just wait until you experience all the bells & whistles in that Limited 302A package, they are uncanny and can save your butt. One thing for sure, once you are spoiled, you will want all your future vehicles to have nothing less. Welcome aboard ! PS: I have a dashcam with a "beanbag" base...
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    I Lost my P

    I am fighting the urge to make a comment on that title …
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    Water Leak

    Ummmmm, it looks like GM SUVs leak too - - - Oh well !
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    Ford To Take The "Best-Selling" Crown In USA

    THAT'S why I am seeing the Explorer Interceptor ALL over the place !!! Good for Ford - - - See, there are tons of Explorers out there with NO problems... (!)
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    Ambient lighting

    peterk9 - - - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, yours, and the pooches. Big THANK YOU for all you do with this forum. David grrtrainman
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    New Explorer joins the CIRCUS ...

    :party: Check out this video at time 2:36 and 4:38. PS: No clowns at the wheel. Cool , huh ??? !!! Merry Christmas to all.
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    Age of 5th Gen Explorer owners? - Poll

    Hey, at least we're NOT driving mini vans, (and I'll bet some of us have other "toys" in the garage !!!) 8^O (!)