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    Need Advice.. What would you pay for this STA?

    That's one of the questions I plan on asking the dealer, too. All of the others that I've found do not have a roof rack. If it was added aftermarket, then it "detracts" from the overall appearance of the package. Maybe another hole card to get the price down!:bounce:
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    Need Advice.. What would you pay for this STA?

    Not sure. I've spoken with the dealer, and confirmed that it does indeed have a V8. I'm not buying it if it doesn't. I have found several for sale at various dealers around the southeast, so if it's not, I won't be too broken hearted. I'm headed to look at it Friday, so I'll let you all know...
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    Need Advice.. What would you pay for this STA?

    I am seriously considering buying an Adrenalin. I have been looking high and low (and once I figured out lots of dealers had them listed as Limiteds) I finally found a few relatively close. My question to the Sport Trac guys is: What would you pay for this one? I think the asking price of...
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    Fog Light Billet Grill

    Where did you get those? The only thing I've found is the center grilles. I've been wanting to do this for years!
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    How to: 3rd Gen Aussie Locker Install

    Thanks Ronin. That doesn't sound very desirable. Although the bwm is on my list of sh*t to do, I don't think I would want my front diff locked all the time. Your last point is the kicker though. While I will be getting in the mud and light crawling, most of my offroading is done in the sand...
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    3rd gen lift help.

    Start here. 2wd and 4wd Lifts. This is the sticky in the 2nd Gen forum pertaining to lifts and such. Happy Trails!
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    How to: 3rd Gen Aussie Locker Install

    I literally laughed out loud when I saw this:chug: Back on-topic, what are the disadvantages of locking the front as well? I'm starting to hear the dreaded whine in my rear diff, so that makes for an excellent excuse to swap gears. When (if) I gt around to getting that done, it seems like a...
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    Not to beat a dead horse but...

    265/75/16 tires fit quite nicely on a stock height 3rd gen.:D I got new rubber this weekend...and it looks great! Now I guess it's time for lifts, lockers, and wheels :bounce::hammer::sawzall: (sorry for the fairly crappy pics..cell phone camera in bright southern sunshine)
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    One of these things is not like the other! (Sway bar links)

    Thanks for the input! It isn't loaded at this point. I still had the tires off and the front end up on jack stands when this picture was taken.
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    One of these things is not like the other! (Sway bar links)

    Thanks. I'll check the torque when I get home. I had planned to double check them when I got home anyway after a day of driving all over the area.
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    One of these things is not like the other! (Sway bar links)

    I was driving home from drill this past weekend, and I heard a clank right as I hit a pothole in the highway. I pulled off to investigate, and I find: I get home and get the parts to work on it, and of course it rains. But finally: I had noticed that my ride was getting harsher and harsher...
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    Torque App Q&A

    Now I have a use for that old Droid that's been taking up space on my nightstand. I just ordered my bluetooth reader today, and I will let yall know what I think of the whole setup.
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    Black Headlights and Corners from Amazon

    Just wondering, has anyone tried these? Or anyone have any insight? I've read the threads pertaining to painting your own, but my work schedule right now does not allow me to do much. Anzo USA 111071 Ford Explorer Black With Amber Reflectors Headlight Assembly
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    Off-Road Prep

    Sounds like the back of mine!:D
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    Duner's 6" Lift Kit Group Buy Thread

    I am about to move here in a month or two, but count me in more towards the end of the summer!
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    4th Gen/General Mirror Installation on 3rd Gen

    Including turn signals? Or is that where How To: Install Signal Mirrors On 3rd Gen Ex comes in?
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    way to stop tailgaters? what do you think

    I dip Copenhagen, so I usually have a large fast-food type cup in the cup holder. I will hold on that cup, adding more and more "juice" each day, until I get that one tailgater that just won't quit. Then I move over to the right a little, and empty the contents of that cup out the window...
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    Indiglo clusters or white gauge faces 3RD GEN

    Just wondering if anyone has seen Indiglo gauges for 3rd Gen Explorers. I've been searching, but all of what I've found is for 2nd Gen.
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    Seafoam How To Video

    I cleaned the TB when I took it off to do the TB Mod, but what I meant was, immediately after the TB, there was a fine black coating inside the intake. I am planning to use some of the Sea Foam pulled in with the brake booster vacuum line, but I was wondering if that stuff would be able to get...
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    Diag Trouble Code 9325

    No CEL, and not an ODB-II code pulled with a reader, it came from the Message Center on the cluster during Test Mode.
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    wrench light and check engine soon light

    Well, I would point my finger at the MAF sensor. Did the clip break off of the plug or the MAF sensor itself? There is no sensor for the serpentine belt. How much smaller was it? In my experience, those belts can stretch a small amount over their lifespan, so I wouldn't worry unless it was...
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    Diag Trouble Code 9325

    Hey all, Today I got curious and ran the message center test mode on my X after not having done it in awhile. As I was punching through the different readouts, I saw a DTC of 9325. I've searched in vain all over the internet and the site for any insights as to what that code is. Can...
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    Seafoam How To Video

    Think you could pour it in to the intake after the MAF and let it clean the TB? Since I removed the resonators in my intake, I now have a nice plug that can be removed easily. I cleaned the TB when I took it off to mod the gasket, but inside the intake was nasty.