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    My Surprise!

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    My Surprise!

    Hey all, I finally got some pics of the carnange, had to take them with my camera phone though. Still haven't found the box that is hiding my digital cam. But I did find some new dents in the hatch when I got home from Pheonix. I'm not sure if those were caused by "them" or if someone was...
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    white smoke??? WTF???

    pull your plugs first to look for discoloration. it really sounds like a cracked head gasket. I think the reason why you are not seeing anything with it in park is that it is still a small crack. Dig into it now before it gets worse.
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    My Surprise!

    yeah, he and I are going to be having a long talk about this! He should have called a wrecker if his truck was that stuck instead of tearing mine up. So anyways I'll let ya all know what happens afterwards, that's if I don't go to jail first. I'll get my money back one way or the other.:fire:
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    My Surprise!

    update: looks like it's time for a rebuild, or a new junkyard motor. I've got some bent pushrods and a couple of valves that don't look so hot. The dumbass took it way past redline for way too long. I'm still working on pics, gotta find the digi cam (moved a couple of months ago and haven't got...
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    wrangler springs

    I'm goona have to keep an eye on this, very interesting
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    My Surprise!

    I will get you all some pics as soon as I can
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    My Surprise!

    update:::::I've got oil pressure now, but the lifters are still tapping really bad. I'm not too sure on how long the oil pressure will stay up, thinking more along the lines of internal damage here. I'll get into that after I get back from AZ. I still haven't heard anything out of the boyfriend...
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    My Surprise!

    I'll try to get some pics when I get home Friday if the Weather cooperates.
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    My Surprise!

    No it doesn't run alright, all of the lifters were completely flat when I started it. I'm gonna try changing the oil and filter first and then go from there. Just hope that the motor isn't completely trashed, but there is no telling how long they ran it without pressure. I'm ready to start...
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    My Surprise!

    I forgot to mention that they were three sheets to the wind at the time too, so I should probably consider myself lucky that they didn't put it on it's lid. anyways, I'm just venting here.
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    My Surprise!

    The Mexican (wife) gave them the keys. I guess this all happened about 01:30 in the morning. She knows better now, and I didn't have to say a word to her about it. I'm not gonna do anything stupid, just as long as they make good on everything.
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    My Surprise!

    I wa thinking more along the lines of hiding thier blazer in the city somewhere and sending them on a wild goose chase. I really have no idea if it was a hill or not, can't get any answers from them. When I started my ex up Sat. (did acouple of times) my oil gauge would start to come up like...
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    My Surprise!

    I'm pissed!!!! I get home Friday after being gone all week to find the front bumper on my EX twisted into the rough shape of a pretzel. So I ask my wife if she has seen it and I get oh yeah I forgot to tell to you about that. Seems her cousin and the boyfriend buried thier beloved trailblazer...
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    wonder what could be the cause of oil going to the 1st Cylinder

    it could be your piston rings or valve guides. might also be that the cylinder is ovaled or has some deep scratches in it.
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    which locking hubs 2 buy?

    I have the mile marker hubs on my 94, yet to have any problems with them. What I do know about the MM and the warn hubs is that if you are going to be doing any hardcore wheeling get the warn hubs, if the majority of the time you will be on the street get the MM hubs. If your not sure spend the...
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    '92 Explorer 4x4 question

    do a search for shift motors. Most likely yours need to be cleaned. It's a simple and quick fix, there is lots of info on here about them.
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    damage control

    I thought that you ran it hot, since you didn't I would be looking for leaks in the rad/hoses. You might want to take it in and have your rad pressure checked, flushed, and filled with new coolant.
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    damage control

    ouch! is your engine making any new noises now? if the heads aren't cracked I would check them for being warped. I also would look for metal shavings in the oil, your rod and main bearings probably didn't take the heat too well either if you ran it hot for any period of time while being low on...
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    Odd almost overheat issues

    yeah, metal on metal sound? I would be changing that water pump pronto. And like others have said change your coolant and thermostat too. Make sure you flush your rad or better yet take it to a shop and have them boil it out pressure test and check for signs of cracks.
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    Uniroyal Liberator A/T - Need Opinions

    I have a set of 31" on my durango and for a cheap tire they have worked very well. I haven't had any problems with balancing since new and now have around 30,000 mi on them. They are good on the street and for light off roading, but I would stay away from the goo and hardcore with them.
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    2-3" Body lift...yes/no!?!?

    I have the shackle and spacer lift on mine (94) with 31-10.50-15 and the tires still hit on the fenders at full compression. If you are going to run on the street primarily you will be okay, in the dirt expect some rubbing or a little carnage to the fenders possibly (drivers side fender on mine).
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    Gas Mileage (1994 4L)

    I have a 94 sport 4x4 AT, I get a combined average of 16 and I get around 20 on the highway.
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    Should I buy it?

    I'd say go for it. Find yourself a good used motor and rebuild the original and hop it up a bit. As far as the rest of the truck I would replace parts as needed.
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    Welding Rod selection?

    You should only have to burn at 70-90 amps for the 6011 and 6013. When using a thinner rod you will have to make multiple passes to get your weld. Make sure you get all of the slag cleaned out before you start your next pass. If you have to, use an ice pick or an awl to clean. P.S. Your...