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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    I'm going to tell everyone here what finally eradicated the Wide Open Throttle response/carbon monoxide, "Smell" in the cabin... The problem exists because the stock engine/tune runs too damned rich! For those that don't know what that means do some research on what: "Running Rich" in an...
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    New Emblems

    Yeah... those look solid. I would like a set if I hadn't already spent so much time sourcing and getting my red lettered & black background flat black backgrounded emblems installed right. Getting that rear stock emblem off without damaging the paint and all is a real PITA! Getting the front...
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    Top 5 Mods for a Sport

    My top 5 mods are/were as follows: #1). I needed somewhere safe to store/put my Sun Glasses, my wallet/money/CC's, Radar Detector, Dash-Cam, and my CZ Sidearm for when I go to places like Lifetime Fitness (Gym) or Fulton & Dekalb County Courthouses to perform research... All 3 locations are...
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    ISO Livernois tuner 2013

    You're in luck then... I saw one here for sale for $400 bones with some extra's earlier today on the first page. It's a helofa deal if you ask me! It comes with the 170* Degree thermostat and the upgraded Spark Plugs... For 4Hundy it's a steal... It's two threads down from this one... Below...
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    My Platinum Explorer

    I love that Cam Lope sound rolling along at idle! Your ride looks truly Bad-Azz! With The University of Georgia being my Alma Mater... how could I NOT love that color scheme? I just tuned my 15' ExSport with an SSI 93-Octane Tune. It's running the Tune only right now, no 3-Bar MAP, stock...
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    15' Platinum White Sport... SSI's 93-Octane Tune, Plasti-Dipped Badges, 17% Tint all-around...

    15' Platinum White Sport... SSI's 93-Octane Tune, Plasti-Dipped Badges, 17% Tint all-around. 401-A Option Package.
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    Livernois tuner/intake/3bar MAP for sale

    Dope, I missed that little fact! And that would be a good reason to sell the tune!;) Someone is going to love that tune for sure! I've only had my 93 Octane Tune installed for a little over 5 days... and I cannot imagine going back to stock after being totally spoiled now! I'll ask my dad if...
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    Livernois tuner/intake/3bar MAP for sale

    Now that is a great deal... May I ask why you are selling it???
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    Say Hello to EcoHell..

    What was the stock tune Dyno numbers for Horsepower and Torque. You said you ran the Dyno stock but failed to post the results!:pics:of that Dyno Chart, Hahahaha, just kidding! But seriously, I'm interested in your numbers so post em' please! Your ride looks good, really good there "EH". I...
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    Best tuner for Explorer Sport?

    I just got the SCT 7015 (X4 Model) from SSI a week ago. I loaded it all up on Saturday. All I can say is dayummmm! I was running my 15' Sport 50% of the time in "Sand Mode" for the throttle response time and for the more aggressive transmission shifting to stay/keep ahead of the...
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    Livernois tune experience

    I'm torn between an LMS or an SCT "Tuner" as I'm at 35K+ miles and am feeling the itch to open the performance up a step or three... Anyone here have experience with both Tuners and can point me in either direction? Or is it a 6 in one hand half dozen in the other kind of a deal??? I understand...
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    Livernois tune experience

    I'm 95% sure "Turn Bog" is by design and is a Traction Control response. I noticed it the first week when driving my Sport. If I think I need to take a hard turn out in front of traffic from a stop... I turn the TC knob/switch to "Sand Mode" and drive with confidence. Turn Bog cannot be...
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    Changing Out Front/Rear Emblems

    I know... and it looks really good too! However, something is wrong with my home laptop. Every time I try to download an email with my pics it freezes up and I have to restart it. Its really irritating. I'll have to take pics with my video camera, plug it in the computer, and download em' that...
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    What's it like driving an PIU for daily driver?

    I drive a 15' Tri-Patinum White Sport with all the badges and accents blacked out... (because I absolutely hate chrome on a vehicle and anything else but tools.) Yes, I've noticed traffic change around me a lot; and it got old fast, really fast. People doing 75mph would drop to 60mph in 2...
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    Changing Out Front/Rear Emblems

    I installed my Black on Red letter Ford emblems from "Etsy" sales on E-Bay today. The front OEM blue on chrome emblem was a real PITA to remove. After taking off the kids gloves after 30 minutes of hand massaging/trying to get the OEM emblem off with no success I decided to take an extended...
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    The Explorer Got A SSI Tune Today!!!

    Sure... I'm sure somebody offers Chromoly axle shafts and a Chromoly drive shaft for the Explorer... It's going to get pricey but that's to be expected. Chromoly axle shafts were/are universally loved when putting small block 350's or even 5.7 Hemi's in Jeep TJ Wranglers to keep the power...
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    The Explorer Got A SSI Tune Today!!!

    Did you get this specific tuner? If not; which one from SSI did you go with? Thanks!
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    2011 Lifted XLT Project

    Lift away! The unwritten rule to lifting is: for every inch you lift up you equally go out (tire stance width) an inch as well. The problem remedies itself as the bigger the offroad tire is in height or overall diameter (OD), it also equally increases in overall width as well. When I lifted my...
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    2011 Lifted XLT Project

    Wow, just a nice Explorer in every way! Did you get new control arms too for the rear axle? It looks like you did because your wheel base is now back to stock geometry/placement compared to the pics of when you lifted it but didn't have the MT's yet... Camera shots can be a little deceiving...
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    LED Headlight Bulbs

    ABSOLUTELY! Get the rubber sealed as good as possible. If there are any holes anywhere use a silicone caulk that is waterproof for any holes that were cut in the rubber grommet to allow the initial installation. Go easy with the caulk gun and remember a nice clean line (less is more) applies...
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    100% agreed! Do the overlay. The all blacked out really looks generic and cheap. It detracts from the Explorer's rugged good looks. Of course, my opinion is just that... Go with what you like the best. You have a nice vehicle there!
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    Ford HID Kit worth getting from Ford parts?

    This is exactly the same thing I was pondering. I hate misaligned headlights as I'm OCD about that and one pointing up and one pointing to the side drives me nuts.
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    2013 Sport Rear Lower Bumper Cover

    I'm in this camp too! OP, I would be elated that was all that happened if I hit a parking garage pillar!!! Honestly, the only person that is going to know about that is you. I would try to gently knock the burs off of it with a couple of runs across it with the finest grit sandpaper I could...
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    2011 Lifted XLT Project

    It's going to rub just a tad but nothing detrimental. I've put more than one suspension lift on in my life. You will be fine. And that Explorer is going to look fantastic. It looks like you're going with mud terrains which in my opinion, is a must if it's going to be taken off-road. I find that...
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    Life after Livernois...

    OP, of the list on your possibly to do list... I believe you would receive the best bang for your buck (performance to dollars wise) by changing out the 3.18 axle gears (front and back, hahaha), from stock to something like 3.73 or even better 4.10's... It certainly would help out in the 0-60...