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    Brake Lights don't work!

    Was your third brake light initially not working as well? I'm experiencing a similar issue after replacing my alternator. All lights including the third brake light are working except the left and right brake lights. Fuses and bulbs are fine, so I might swap out the switch. Thanks!
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    Best way to debadge?

    I just did this to my 2000 XLT. Never underestimate the power of a sunny day. All I used was the draw string from a pair of shorts in my truck and the good ol' sun to take mine off. I didn't have any guide holes, but that doesn't mean that you won't. Did anyone else have an issue with the...
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    Premade VS. Custom Cat Back Exhaust

    I'm assuming with some people talking about taking the cats off...there are issues with inspections? Sounds like a new system with taking a couple of my cats off would be ideal, but if I have to deal with inspection issues, I might just opt out of taking them off. How much of the performance...
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    Explorer Forum License Plate Frames !!!

    I'm assuming you still have some left? Payday is Friday, so after that...
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    Proactive maintenance?

    Heh, thanks man...seems like I have some work to do.
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    Proactive maintenance?

    Hello guys/gals, So I bought my 2000 Ex in March and just recently t-boned someone going around 40mph. Luckily it wasn't my fault, so it's newly out of the body shop. It has around 120k miles and since I've never had one before, I was just curious at this point, which parts under and hood and...
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    Vibration between gears.

    This isn't currently a huge issue, but before it becomes one, I was hoping to maybe receive some help. At times, when my transmission is switching gears, there is a quick moment where there's a vibration of sorts. It's almost as if I was running over a rumble strip between gears, and just for...
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    AWD in the sand, Planning a trip to Cape Hatteras

    Dang, you guys going out to the beach this weekend?! I just saw this thread...but if you guys go out again this summer, I'd definitely be up for it. I'm running stock AWD, but from the sound of it, I think I'd be alright.
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    Custom Exhaust/Spare Tire

    Hey guys, I'm new around here and I haven't seen a thread pertaining to this, so I figured I'd just throw the idea out there and if someone else has any knowledge about it I'd get pointed in the right direction. I was thinking about getting dual exhaust on my Ex and have seen everyones posts...
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    First time owner!

    Hah, yeeeah. I've already spent a couple hours looking around. Perhaps my first endeavor will be replacing my headlights...but we'll see.
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    First time owner!

    Hello guys/gals, I was just googling around trying to find some custom work people have done to their Explorers and stumbled across your site. I just bought a 2000 Explorer XLT on Monday. It has the 5.0L V8 and AWD. Like I said in the title, this is my first time owning an Explorer or even a...