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    265 /70 R17 stock hieght

    any draw backs ? Hello now that you have been running the 265's for a while anything negative to report ? I am thinking about the same size but am worried about rubbing etc, thanks.
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    6R60 & 6R80 Trans Connector Fluid Leak Repair

    Thank you for taking the time to make all your videos. Very well done and informative.
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    What to do...

    These trucks are fairly good in light off road conditions with the traction control etc etc. If it was not a ground clearance issue it was a traction issue. Get some new tires and go at it again. If it gets traction you will make it. You will be surprised at the capabilities.
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    4th Gen Pictures

    looks great banditxp , any rubbing issues with the 255s
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    07 mountaineer noisys diff.

    same thing here ,after sitting 8 hours or overnight maybe once a month when cold and turning slightly. Lasts about 2-3 seconds.
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    Winter performance

    These trucks are like tanks in the snow. Point in the direction you want to go and it just goes. You need real tires , its certainly not the truck.
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    V8 ticking noise

    sounds just like mine , ford rep listened to it , i compared it to others. they all sound the same.
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    4th Gen Pictures

    looks great , do you have any rubbing with that wheel/tire combo ?
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    Mystery Switch

    heated windshield switch
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    2010 Explorer Power Steering Issue

    My 2008 v8 does the same thing. Dealer replaced rack , pump , all lines and cooler, lower steering shaft and it still does it. Removed front drive shaft , unplugged transfer case , swapped to new tires and wheels from a used truck etc etc etc. Still has the same noise/sensation. They by-passed...
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    2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition Interior Trim Code ZC

    Had to get a drivers side sunvisor for my 2008 eddie bauer. hope this helps PART NUMBER PART NAME 7L2Z-7804104-EA Sun Visor Assembly - 2007-2009 MY Non-Illuminated RH Lt Camel 7L2Z-7804104-FA Sun Visor Assembly - 2007-2009 MY Illuminated RH Lt Camel 7L2Z-7804104-GA Sun Visor Assembly -...
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    2008 Explorer. Over sized tires vs. Lift.

    Looks great , any rubbing while turning or off road suspension cycling?
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    Engine Noise, Chain and lifter Photo

    Hard to believe that its normal. When they told me and showed me the bulletin I went on a search and compared many 3 valve v8s and they all do it.
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    Engine Noise, Chain and lifter Photo

    google" ssm 21217 " thats the ford special service message regarding vct ticking
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    Engine Noise, Chain and lifter Photo

    Sounds like normal cam phaser operation. Do a google search , and a forum search. There are even you tube videos about it. Ford has tsb about it.
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    2001 to 2004 pathfinder

    Hello , has anyone owned one of these year pathfinders ? Looking to maybe get out from under my payment on the 08 eddie bauer v8 4x4. Just not sure on the nissan , having never owned a japanese truck. They seem kinda small inside compared to the explorer. Just looking for opinions , thanks .
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    2003 good year for the sohc ?

    Thanks guys
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    2003 good year for the sohc ?

    Thinking about a 2003 s/t with 101k , do the 2003's have the timing chain issue like the earlier ones ? thanks for any and all input
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    Waag grille guard

    Looks great , would love to see more pictures of that set up.
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    Any 06-10 Explorer running front tow hooks?

    My dealer has no listing for the 06 10 , did they give a part number ?
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    2010 Eddie Buaer - skid plates?

    The radiator skid I custom made from thick aluminum , the front diff is protected by a h3 hummer transfer case skid bolted to the front suspension crossmember. The h3 skid is a nice steel piece about 10 to 12 inches wide by 14 inches long and fits pefectly.
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    2010 Eddie Buaer - skid plates?

    on my 08 v8 i was able to get the factory skid for the gas tank. Its a tough polymer type material. Also got the factory steel transfer case skid. For the front diff i used a h3 factory steel transfer case skid bolted to the explorer front crossmember that works perfect. I made my own front...
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    Hissing sound??

    Curious , does your sport trac do it ?
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    Hissing sound??

    Mine did the same thing . There is a small vacuum check valve in the supply line for the system. It is located in the engine compartment. Look for a hard plastic line coming from the r/s of the firewall area leading to a vacuum source on the back of the intake manifold. In that line is a one way...
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    06 Eddie Bauer 4x4 noise

    perfectly quiet going straight , when turning even on ice / snow it has a whirring humming type noise. Did not sound normal to me until i compared it to another truck which made the same noise.