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    My 02 Sport

    Hey all, been kinda lurkin on the site for a few months. It's sad to not see so much activity in the sport section :( Anywho, this is my 2002 x sport I bought in December with 35K miles on it for a great price. It's auto with no 4x4 and I absolutely love it. I have plans this summer to...
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    Best Bolt-On's for 2002 4.0 Sport?? plz help

    Wanting to use my income tax on some nice performance bolt-on's for my 2002 sport. I was looking into an exhaust system and maybe a set of headers with the K&N Fuel Injection kit. Anyone have any ideas? Also, is there a site I can listen to the 4.0 engine with different flowmaster setups? I...
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    Central Ohio?

    i am, pm sent
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    02 explorer sport rear headrest issues :( help

    Hi all, new to the boards...very cool site you have going here! :thumbsup: I'm not sure if it's me or an issue others have had but recently I was cleaning my rear seat of my 02 explorer sport and I put up the headrests all the way to vacuum under them and I can't get them down for the life...