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    hard starting when cold

    I have a 1991 explorer, recently when tring to start it in the morning it will not start on the first try, it just stumbles and stalls. Can any body help me.
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    checked out the u-joints and the rear one was shot, replaced both and it runs smoooooth, thanks.
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    I have a 1991 explorer, just recently when eccelerating I can feel vibration but only when giving it gas, can anybody help me with this problem??
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    motor rebuild , 1991 explorer

    I am thinking of rebuilding a v-6 for my explorer and was wondering if there are any upgrades that would benifit the rebuild, right now I have a lifter tap that drives me nuts and a leaky rear seal .
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    Headlights dying while driving

    problem with lights Check for a loose ground wire out near the head lights and there should be a ground under the dash as well. If you loose the grounding you will loose your lights.
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    Tapping Starter Motor ~ Click, click, click

    starter motor problems from what you have said it sounds like you starter is at the end of it life. A starter is a D/C motor witch has two permanent magnets and uses carbon brushes as contacts , as the brushes wear out over the life of the starter some times a air gap will form on one of the...
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    noisy lifters

    For a few months my lifters have been making a clicking noise from time to time, i am going to change my lifters and cam shaft to try to rid this problem, can anybody tell me aprox how long this will take to complete. My explorer has the 4.0 liter 6. Thanks Odie.
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    temperature gauge crazy

    my temp gauge is going abit crazy. The gauge will when the engine is hot go from one end of normal to the other end of normal , the radiator is full and the exspantion is at the proper level . can anybody help me with the possibly cause.
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    noise comming from under truck

    There is a squeeky noise comming from under my ex when i back up in gear , if i coast backwards it wont make the noise . this is starting to drive me nuts , any ideas ??????.
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    Coolant Problems

    It sounds to me that you have a faulty themostat, thermostats have a fail safe in them if it fails it stays fully open, this would cause you engine to run cool as the thermostat never closes letting the coolant temp to raise, is you truck burning more gas than normal because if the engine will...
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    intake manifold coolant leak

    I have a 1991 explorer and I have a coolant leak on the right hand side of my intake manifold in the corner where the manifold and the head meet. Is this a common problem with 4.0 liter engines. And if so is there an upgrade I can use when replacing the gasket??
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    Coolant Problems

    had the same problem and it was a frost plug, the frost plug had a pin hole in it and would not leak till the engine cooled a bit, check the frost plug farthest from the starter on the drivers side of the block , be presistant with this it is a bugger to find , lots of light and possible a mirror.
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    Tranny Rebuild A4LD

    Thank you for all the info on this subject , it is greatly received and will be used . I am going to start this project next week.
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    A4LD Bellhousing line boring

    I an rebuilding a A4LD tranny and would like to have my converter bushing line bored . Is there any body that can do this in British Columbia Canada??
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    Door bushing replacement

    The bushings in my drivers door are worn and causing the door to sag. Is there an easy way replacing these without removing the door hinge.
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    Tranny Rebuild A4LD

    I just bought a tranny from the local wreaker for $69 and want to rebuild it. Can any body advise me as to how much this could possibly cost and what components will possibly need replacing. I will also be towing a trailer for my ATV and alum. boat , is there any upgrades i can incorporate into...
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    Intake Manifold gasket

    I recently replace my intake manifold gasket on my 1991 explorer XLT because it formed a leak on the passenger side of engine at the front corner or where the head and block meet, I disconnected every wire and vacuume line and totly removed the manifold from the truck it just a bit easyer in my...
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    negitive battery cable length

    Yesterday i went to my local autoparts store and tried to buy a negitive battery cable and they asked me for a length , I tried to look but it runs down and towards the rear of the truck, can anybody give me the correct length of this cable. I own a 1991 explorer XLT 4.0 liter
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    Rear oil seal leaking on 4.0 liter

    It is just leaking abit and i plan on keeping the truck for awhile
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    Rear oil seal leaking on 4.0 liter

    Is a leaky rear oil seal on the 4.0 liter a common problem or just a sign of the motors age , and how difficult is it to change
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    Engine noise ( Slight tapping )

    After i leave my truck for a couple of days and start it up it makes a slight tapping noise for a few minutes and the goes away i suspect it is coming from one of my lifters is this a problem with older explorers??
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    Transmission project A4LD.

    I was out at my local wreaker looking for an old automatic tranny to rebuild and could not find any . But he has several Aerostar vans with trannies in them, are these trannies the same or are they different. Two of the vans i looked at had a 4.0 liter engine and they were both AWD with auto...
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    needle on volt meter twitching

    The other day when i was sitting at a red light and waiting for it to change i noticed my volt meter needle twitching , but when i give it gas it stops . Is this normal or is this a problem??
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    A4LD transmission shift problem

    Is it possible to rebuild the tranny myself and is it reliable and what cost am i looking at??
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    no low range

    thanks I will try that in the morning!