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    1st gen explorer led light switch

    Thats what the empty spot is? That was actually my first thought i just havent had time after work to look behind it to see if its an open area or inclosed
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    1st gen explorer led light switch

    Hi all, i just bought a 20 inch light bar to mount in the bumper of my 94 ford explorer. I have a rectangle rocker switch that im having a hard time finding the right place to put it where its easily accessible but doesnt look completely out of place. Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated
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    1st gen lightbar help

    ok well what would you recommend lights wise in general for back road night time driving. i was told my new job is going to be night shift so i need to make sure i can at least not hit anything going to and from work
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    1st gen lightbar help

    well the reason im getting the lights is im actually moving to Oregon and i took a trip up there and decided to drive through the hills and found out that it would be nice on the one lane roads to be able to see at night. Im starting to get away from a 42 inch bar on top and start moving towards...
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    1st gen lightbar help

    Hey everyone, ive been looking more into getting a light bar since im going from a somewhat city kind of living to more country, back road living with lots of deer and other animals around. I have a 94 Ex sport without the roof rack and ive had some trouble on finding out how im going to wire it...
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    Installing a Subwoofer without the JBL sound system

    I've heard that doing this will make body panels rattle too though. I'm not sure how you feel about that, but its the only reason i haven't done this yet. Just one thing to think of, I love the idea though.
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    Cleaning the throttle body

    ok well i just cleaned it and wow it was built up in there, i cleaned the MAF and changed the air filter while i was in there its a little better but i think sooner or later i will really dive into the engine since i have to change the valve cover gaskets on it because i think they might be...
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    Cleaning the throttle body

    what odo you mean by thorough? like clean really well or be careful?
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    Cleaning the throttle body

    see that's what i was going to use wasn't quite sure if there was anything in particular i was suppose to use.
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    Cleaning the throttle body

    Hey, I have a 1994 X sport with the 4.0 and i was talking with a friend the other day when i mentioned i want to clean my throttle body and he was saying that on some vehicles you have to watch out what you use because it might not just be regular throttle body cleaner that you need to clean it...
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    Progress is Good

    when i first go my ex it rattled when going up hills and when i would step on it just a little, i cleaned my MAF and i didnt hear the rattle again. Just something to look at
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    94 Sport-battery not staying charged

    You would be surprised on what they do at an auto parts store. Batteries are rotated and have new dates put on them, so your battery could be 2 years old already and you wouldn't know.
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    92 Explorer Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap

    If i remember correctly you have to go and change out anything that deals with electronics going to and from the tranny, with knowledge it wouldn't be too hard. but it also includes tearing a lot of wiring and parts apart just to get it in then there will be a lot of testing after its in to make...
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    How to: Interior Dome Light LED Conversion (PICs)

    If possible, I'm not sure if someone has already done a thread doing step by step, but i have tried to stay away from wiring. I like this idea a lot better than my direct plug in LED's and would like to give this a shot but I'm not sure exactly on how to solder, what bulbs to look for and how...
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    steering/suspension proplems driving me NUTS!!!

    these explorers are known for rollovers so i wouldnt suggest turning that sharp with that kind of speed, if you are talking about wide turns where that speed is acceptable then i understand a tad but the suspention is not the best in the explorers so it wont every really handle really, really...
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    replacing map lights

    ok awesome thank you now i just have to find a good set of 211-2 led bulbs lol
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    replacing map lights

    thanks, and yes i can here in a few.
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    replacing map lights

    ok so i got the lights but now im trying to figure out how exactly the back one is replaced, no screws or anything so do i have to take off the head liner?
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    replacing map lights

    Hey all, i have a 1994 ford explorer sport and im working on replacing all my bulbs that are out and i have ran into a problem, i cant seem to change the map lights without pulling the chrome reflector piece, but i cant seem to find out how exactly it comes off, can anyone help me with this? im...
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    Amp Install

    i think under the seat it might over heat anyways, thats the problem ive always wondered about and have had a problem deciding on where i want to put it, i might be wrong or it might depend on the amp but i would put it in a place it can kinda breath and get some air to it.
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    94 explorer E.B edition; left break light dosnt work

    you just have to pull off the plastic around the column and pull the two or three screws that hold it in disconnect it and switch it out, had to do it in my 92 thunderbird, shouldnt take too long.
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    Radius Arm Modifaction

    My bushings were shot too when i bought my explorer, they were easy to get off but the problem i had was since the bushing is on the inside, and the new replacement ones from orielly's was a rubber bushing with a metal plate in the middle of it, we cut it and split it open, slipped it over the...
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    Is a 4.0 OHV a 4.0 OHV regardless of year? not sure if this will help you but it helped me understand a difference in DOHC, SOHC and OHV engines.
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    hesitant throttle

    ive got just about 207k miles i bought it at 194k and previous owner said a tune up was done before he was getting ready to sell it, how would i go about cleaning the injectors? and yes this is my first explorer and have owned it for about a year
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    hesitant throttle

    Ok so, ive had this problem for a few months now and ive thought of a few things it might be but some are easier than others. I have a 94' Explorer sport 5speed and 2wd, it does it in any gear im in, i know that the explorer doesnt have much power but when im just driving and going through gears...