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    How To: Replace a vacuum modulator on an A4LD through the access panel (center hump).

    I just replaced my modulator a few days ago. I didn't even know where it was until I found this thread. All I did was pull out my center console, and pull both of my front seats as far back as they would go. I was able to slide my carpet out from underneath all of the trim panels and just...
  2. K

    91 XLT Fuel Gauge question

    It could be that your anti-slosh module is on the verge of failing. My fuel gauge acted all wonky for over a year and when I put another module in it worked perfectly. As for actually installing the module, all I had to do was remove the trim and a few bolts/screws. I have seen where some...
  3. K

    Where does this go? 93 Explorer door

    I just recently had my door panels off, so that I could replace my power window motor bushings. It looks like the bracket is still attached. I THINK there is a plastic post that it just slides back onto. I had the same problem, and when I realized where it went I had one of those "Well, DUH!"...
  4. K

    The best brand of windshield wipers????

    I like Michelin Radius wiper blades....about $12 each at Wal-Mart.
  5. K

    Ticking going up hill on freeway

    I have knocking when I stomp on the gas trying to accelerate uphill. It is a knocking\clattering sound.
  6. K

    EGR valve

    Can an EGR valve be cleaned or does it have to be replaced? And if it can be cleaned, how is it done? Thanks in advance for the help! :salute:
  7. K

    Funky brake noise

    Come to think of probably is the rotors. I had new brake pads put on the front when I got my X and the mechanic told me the rotors were worn. Looks like another trip to Autozone! I don't care though....I love my X!!!
  8. K

    Funky brake noise

    I had my X in 4wd a few days ago since an ice storm decided to do a drive-by on us here in Kentucky. As I came to a stop I could heard this whirring noise when I pressed on the brake pedal. It sounded kinda like "roww, roww, roww". Take the word "ouch"...add an "r" to the beginning of the...
  9. K

    Outer Windshield "visor"

    HA! HA! HA! 1988....That's awesome!
  10. K

    Outer Windshield "visor"

    I just saw a video on youtube when I looked up "1994 Xplorer XLT" that had a truck on there called "Patches". It has something over the windshield that looks like a visor but I don't know what the name of the part actually is. I am sure someone on here knows what it is. Where can I get one...
  11. K

    Engine rattle or knock?

    Update Well I fixed the lighting issue....damn you door jamb switches!:D Autozone only had two in stock so I put them in the front doors....still wasn't working right. I then took an old one and put it in the rear passenger door and ...SHAZAM! It must have been a sight to see a 6'1" 275...
  12. K

    Error message in CD palyer

    CD player Are you talking about CDs that you have burned or ones you have bought? If they are ones that you have burned you may have the bit rate set too high. If my songs are not at 128 kbps for mp3 and 64 kbps for wma then my cd player won't play them. I have one of those VR3 decks from...
  13. K

    Engine rattle or knock?

    Hey everyone. I am hoping to find some kind of definite(hopefully) answer on what is going on with my X. When I am in neutral or park and I rev the engine everything sounds fine. When I am on the highway or going uphill and I try to "hammer down on it" to accelerate I hear this rattling...
  14. K

    The Average Life on the motor

    Mileage 94 XLT 4 x 4:exp:.....almost 184,000 miles. I love my X!
  15. K

    Ticking going up hill on freeway

    Could this possibly be the timing chain tensioner? Mine does the same thing if I try to accelerate going uphill, but it also does it when I accelerate like I am trying to get my passing gear to kick in. If I get up to speed gradually it isn't as bad, but I can still hear it a little nonetheless.
  16. K

    1994 XLT tranny rattle

    Hey everyone. I hope someone has the answer to my problem. I have had my X for just a few months now. I noticed tonight that when I put it in reverse and backed up a slight incline that I heard a rattle or knocking sound that came from the rear. It did it once again when on level ground but I...
  17. K

    Should I Fix My Explorer?

    I agree with Burns......fix it.
  18. K

    Newbie 1994 XLT 4.0 liter engine noise.

    Mine does the same thing, but if I gradually get up to speed I don't really hear that rattle. If I floor it, then I hear it. I am in denial I guess that it might be the timing chain tensioner because I am terrified of the cost to fix it. So I just get up to highway speed gradually and baby...
  19. K

    Please Help Me Understand How To Use This Harness!

    Hey brother that radio swap can be a real pain...I found out the hard way. I took my factorydeck out and went to put in my V3 deck. I had it in a Taurus previously so I thought that it would be just "plug and play" so to speak. I cut the speaker wires behind the connector thinking that I...
  20. K


    Hello everybody. I found this site through Google and it looks like a winner! This is the first SUV I have ever owned and I think I got a pretty good deal. 1994 XLT 4X4 181,000 miles. Good body and runs pretty well. $500. Glad to be here!
  21. K

    Hello from Dallas

    The best advice I could give is to pick up a Haynes manual from Autozone..About $20 but they pay for themselves the first time you don't have to take your vehicle to someone else for repair.