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  1. Rick

    Rockabilly Bash at Lake Pleasant

  2. Rick

    Added Red Pinstripe to the front bottom "spoiler"

    It does look like it should be there. Nice job.:chug:
  3. Rick

    Electric explorer

    Available Ford BlueCruise** has the advanced features that help keep drivers in control on the highway. Control on the highway and hands off the wheel do not equate.
  4. Rick

    Electric explorer

    The new Explorers have a camera aimed at the driver to ensure the driver is paying attention. There ya go... :(
  5. Rick

    Electric explorer

    Exactly, reach down without looking. Muscle memory. Anything that is designed to take the driver's eye off the road should be an automatic fail.
  6. Rick

    Electric explorer

    I agree. Our 2020 ST still has knobs and buttons for all the important stuff.
  7. Rick

    Introducing Midnight our 2020 ST

    Over two years and 32,000 miles... Still lovin' it! This had really been a great vehicle for us.
  8. Rick

    Electric explorer

    BTW Ford, if I have to use Alexa for voice commands in the next Explorer that I am interested in purchasing, that will kill the deal right there. I have never used Alexa on any of my devices, even my Firestick, and will not start just so I can use voice commands in my vehicle.
  9. Rick

    Electric explorer

    The wheels are hideous. The middle of the grill looks like a brick. Seems they could do so much more when the radiator is taken out of the picture.
  10. Rick

    New face here

    You found the right place. Welcome aboard:chug:
  11. Rick

    Cars and Coffee at Lowes - Peoria, AZ

    This was the first show at this location. Great turnout and a real eclectic mix of vehicles!
  12. Rick

    Truck Haven March 17-19 2023

    I'm glad you guys had a good time out there Ray. A year and a half wait is unreal. You have a lot of patience!
  13. Rick

    New member out of Wyoming

    You can check this forum for some ideas:
  14. Rick

    3.0T occasional engine oil smell when running/at stoplight.

    I would drive it for awhile and see if the smell goes away. Good chance it could be a film burning off the new components.
  15. Rick

    Truck Haven March 17-19 2023

    What's the motel like? We stayed at Ray and Carol's the first year we went to Truck Haven. It was an experience to say the least. LOL Sorry, I'm not going to be out there.
  16. Rick

    Ford's patented repossession computer system

    You need to fix that! :D
  17. Rick

    Ford's patented repossession computer system

    Who made who?