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    Transfer case noob question

    Thanks again DrDoom !
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    Transfer case noob question

    I have a 1995 control trac XLT. I’m getting mixed info about what my transfer case motor does. from what I read it assists in changing from 2wd to 4x4 auto or 4x4 low. what I’m trying to determine is if it’s going bad does it just stop working ? Might it allow initial engagement of 4x4 then...
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    Help with identifying parts on my 1995 transfer case

    Thank you ! I saw a video of a guy replacing his and he broke the retaining clips. That was his fix with the zip ties. I know the tube your talking about I have one up toward the front - little White vent plug thingy ? I’ll go get one at the yard.
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    Help with identifying parts on my 1995 transfer case

    I’m having that flashing 4x4 issue. I had a rebuild on the transmission and case. The auto 4x4 on my Control Trac XLT will not engage on the fly. I have to stop while in drive or neutral or park for the light to come on it does click I posted about this the other day but to day I took a couple...
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    4x4 Issues: Flashing Lights

    are you still on this forum ? did you ever get it fixed ? take care, D
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    The old flashing 4x4 lights saga continues

    No Codes. I scanned it. No ABS light.
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    The old flashing 4x4 lights saga continues

    Hi everyone, I had a transmission rebuild on my 95 XLT control trac at 210,000 miles. Transfer case was serviced too. Its on warranty so thats good but I havent back gone to the shop yet. Hard to be without a vehicle in winter. The issue is I cannot get the truck to switch into 4x4 auto while...
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    214 with KOEO and KOER after engine swap

    My old camshaft position sensor went out. It screamed like a banshee and I lost oil pressure. I found an engine with 85k miles for 700$ so I decided to swap engines. My mechanic said he had to rewire harness because the sensors were different. I know the 95 were weird because of the second gen...
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    Please help with posting a picture of your 1995 Explorer XLT Power Distribution Box

    Will someone kindly snap a photo of your box with lid open ? I may be missing a relay. Truck was in storage and we may have scavenged it during another troubleshoot. I just need to compare the PCM diode and if any other slots are vacant. Thank you very much in advance. 1995 ford XLT not sure of...
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    removing upper intake to access the camshaft position synchro

    Hello Fortune any idea what size bolt I need to get off of the hold down tab ? I got a set of crowfoot wrenches....
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    RSC transmission option questions

    Is there a general consensus on this ride selection control option ? Is is a desirable option for winter driving for instance ? Thanks
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    what size bolt is holding the camshaft synchro in place

    I need a crows foot wrench to get at it however I dont know the size I need. 1995 CPSynchro replacement project. I have the intake off etc. Now I need to get it out of there
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    Cost of valve cover gasket on a 2002 XLT

    Hey everyone I’m looking at a 2002 that is in great shape save for a left rear valve cover oil Leak that drips onto the header. Has anyone paid a garage to do this job and how much did you pay ? Thank you in advance
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    removing upper intake to access the camshaft position synchro

    10-4 410Fortune ! thank you very much. it just started snowing here in Michigan ( so I have to get this done soon) but you live in northern Idaho so I will shut up now. take care, D
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    removing upper intake to access the camshaft position synchro

    I need to replace the synchro at the back of my 1995 4.0 engine. This issue is well documented here I know BUT........I cannot get to the camshaft synchro because of its location. I want to remove upper intake. I cannot find a thread that covers the removal of the intake. I found video on YT...
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    Removing hood from 1995 XLT Tips please

    hello I need to take off the hood so I can get at the Cam pos. Synchronizer. I know it’s notvtoally necessary but...Can anyone tell me if I need to remove the hood liner ? My ex has a light mounted under the hood. That wire bundle is pretty bundled (for lack of a better term) and I don’t see a...
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    Need to replace transmission line to radiator

    i kinked the upper transmission line trying to remedy a leak. Does anyone know if I can swap out a line from 1996 4.0 to my 1995 4.0 ? The LKQ doesn’t have any 95’s right now.
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    transmission fluid leaking from new radiator

    Well I screwed the pooch and kinked the line because I was on lunch and in a rush. I’m posting a video of the drip. There is an o ring in the male coupler. Guess the next question is can i take a line off another truck and replace this one ? I can’t upload video for some reason I’ll try and...
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    transmission fluid leaking from new radiator

    I put in a new radiator that came with the o- rings installed on the fitting. it's leaking from the transmission line at the lower part of the radiator and blowing all over my left front engine bay. Does anyone know if the original fittings had rubber in em ? Ill take it off in a few hours...
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    Coolant dripping from under passenger seat

    Ok I think I figureed it out. I got the trukc washed after the thermostat replacement. I believe it may have been the soap which is that green color. The other thing that occurred to me- and I might be wrong- is that if it was coolant it wouldn't have been suspended / frozen in the ice. Maybe...
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    Coolant dripping from under passenger seat

    My buddy said it might be a heater core leak.
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    Coolant dripping from under passenger seat

    I put in a new radiator yesterday. No drips from front end but there is a drip or leak from underneath passenger seat. It’s very faint but you can see where the snow is stained green. What is doing there ? Do coolant lines run that far back ? Thanks.