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  1. K

    XLT White Platinum Ordered. . . now we wait.

    It's not that I hate the black, I just can't figure out with over 100 2016's in the extended inventory how none of them were tan. It was the same thing when we bought the 2015 Edge but I was under some pressure so I caved... White car + tan interior + gravel roads + toddlers = "looks" clean...
  2. K

    XLT White Platinum Ordered. . . now we wait.

    Pretty excited. Ordered a couple weeks ago. Have been told end of February. Wanted the tan interior and apparently they don't exist up here in western Canada. So we ordered one. Not sure why everyone is so horny about black. It's hot and it gets dirty fast. After having the tan in our '14...
  3. K

    Kind of new. . . been a while.

    I thought I'd come back and say hi here. . . I first found this forum when I built my '92 offroad toy. Then I rolled it, sold it and moved on. I just placed an order on a 2017 XLT for the family ride, so I thought I'd start poking around here again. Completely different approach this time...
  4. K

    Possibly Getting out of Wheeling. . .

    I keep thinking I should just keep it but maybe it would make someone else happy. I just need to mull on it for a while. None of my good friends wheel anymore. I have to drive a minimum of 3-4 hours to good, legal wheeling spots. I just can't find the time. A bunch of my buddies are...
  5. K

    Possibly Getting out of Wheeling. . .

    Hey guys, It's been a long time since I spent time on here. It pains me to say that I may be pulling the plug on wheeling as a hobby. I just can't seem to find the time nor the funds to be as involved as I would like to be. Still just weighing the options at this point, but it seems more...
  6. K

    What are the best power adders

    Ya, I forgot to ask what the point of your Ex is. . . and your plan for it. I run a 5.5" lift and 35's. With 33's, I'd go with 4.56 gears if you plan to run on the highway at all. My Ex is a dedicated wheeling rig, so I don't need interstate speed. That's why I wish I had 5.13's with my...
  7. K

    What are the best power adders

    $750 will get you all the parts you need. 5.13 gears for both axle and rebuild kits for both axles. Labor can be anywhere from a couple hundred per axle to almost a grand per axle. . .depends. on the shop
  8. K

    My bumber set up, maker of bumber James Cal

    That's a great looking bumper. WTF is a "bumber"? Did you leave the light switch just crammed in the dash like that or is it finished out a little nicer? I love the whole look except for the jack. It just kinda sits funny. Great design though.
  9. K

    What are the best power adders

    If you want power from the 4.0, put it in a 1500lb car. If you're building the thing to drive off-road (the aforementioned 4" lift) then spend the money on gears. I run 4.88's and 35's. I kinda wish they were 5.13's. Either way, I can light up the 35's like nothing at a light and the 4.0 is...
  10. K

    $70 Lift, yea and it works.

    Just by the fact that you weren't embarrassed to post pics of your welding probably means it is not good and not safe. It means you have no idea what a good weld looks like. Stacking a bunch more garbage weld on top of already garbage weld doesn't make for stronger. What are you using to weld...
  11. K

    what would happen if you cut springs on a 4wd..?

    Its gonna look like ass and ride even worse. Then you're gonna not drive it at all... Put your $50 toward paying for the truck...
  12. K

    camber shims for a 92 navajo

    Try the "SEARCH" function... it works great! Your best bet is the 2 piece adjustable shims available from a lot of different manufacturers. I don't remember part numbers but there is a TON of threads about this exact topic.
  13. K

    Stonecrusher Arm Extensions?

    For what you're getting there, why not just build your own extensions? Lots of guys have built they're own extended arms for cheaper than the stone crusher set up... Now, their steering set up... thats a different (and way cooler) story...
  14. K

    Quick question 4 inch lift

    You'll have to get it aligned again when the arm comes in, and it's gonna bump steer like crazy, even with the dropped arm...
  15. K

    longer brake hoses

    I just got my local 4x4/offroad shop to build me custom lines. I think they came in around $40 a line... and WAY better quality than the Stupidlift garbage that came with my lift...
  16. K

    Ahhh need help !

    Doing an SOA will get you 5.5 ish inches... may be more than you're looking for. Getting 4" lift springs would do the trick... Most 4" kits have 4" rear springs...
  17. K

    Stonecrusher Arm Extensions?

    I didn't know they made extensions for the Ex. Thought those were for Bronco's? i know they have steering for an Ex, but i thought that was it.
  18. K

    Clearout... loads of parts

    What color are those heated seats?
  19. K

    Gear ratio question

    I'm 4.88's and 35's. It's good enough for running down the highway. Same story as the last post...
  20. K

    92 EX going to Burning Man as art car, many questions and pictures.

    You gonna part that sucker out or just junk it?
  21. K

    A New Ford Explorer XLT Owners 1st Mods (Please Help)

    With that many miles, that tranny WILL quit on you sooner than later. It's a giant turd, and pushing any more power than stock through it makes no sense. You'll be further ahead in the cash to swap in a V8. You're gonna spend a whole bunch of money on nothing, then realize you're trying to...
  22. K

    Hate Tickets, But She Wants To Run!!!

    "Another" photo session? You haven't posted any here and the Myspace ones suck. C'mon, I want to see this truck!
  23. K

    How much performance out of 302 throttle body?

    Spdrcer34 - I believe the only snide comments I made is that you're an ass hat and you can suck it... other than that, most of what I put was just trying to explain where my statement came from. I definately could have made my statement a lot more clear. As far as I know, with my limited...
  24. K

    How much performance out of 302 throttle body?

    I guess I can't "prove" anything. I have played with a couple of home brew snorkels in the past and found that unless they were a straight shot with a big pipe and not a lot of bends, the motor really had to work hard to get air. Less power, worse mileage. The nice spanky off the shelf ones...
  25. K

    How much performance out of 302 throttle body?

    And just an FYI.. the snorkel will kill performance. It's like trying to breathe through a straw...