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    Nerf Bars for 1992 Sporty

    I built mine-- I used a set for a toyota and modified them.
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    pitman arm removal

    I use a pickle fork in the end of my air hammer --works great! Tap straight in on the end toward the shaft. If you grind the tool it will e too thin and just break (trust me on that one).
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    Good Gears to run on 33s?

    4.56 all the way
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    8.8 Junkyard LS Question

    You don't need to go with the whole axle-- you can just mount up the brackets from a disk brake axle- and calipers and such-- you will still have to modify brake lines and e-brake cable either way.
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    Extended Radius Arms

    I liked mine but now have James duff-- I like the way they work.
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    clutch master cylinder

    Glad you got it :-)
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    93 exploder nightmare.

    You could check your fuel pressure-- this will tell you if your fuel pressure regulator is good. You might want to make sure you have a goos O@ sensor as well. The maf is in the air intake path.
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    Motor mount spacers

    You can heat and dimple the header for a little clearance but 3" is allot.
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    92 Explorer Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap

    transfer case gears and driveshafts are the same- you only have to change the ecu if you are going to different years of truck- you will need the wiring harness for the tranny you are putting in. The floor plate will need changed or cut-- you will have to mount the reservoir and the master...
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    94 Limited Axle Swap

    B2 did have solid axles. Easiest is an early Bronco or full size Dana 44.
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    Anything is possible--- but you wouldn be changing JUST the steering gearbox you would have to change the whole steering set up.
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    91 STX solid axle swap

    um your wheels fell off :-)
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    8.8 axle/driveshaft skid plate

    James Duff used to make one with an "axle truss" I bought mine on Ebay for $75 and through the truss away. I bought my diff cover from a company called SOLID - it is tough and works great.
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    spring over swap advice

    I got somwhere around 5 inches after everything settled down 6 months after the swap
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    spring over swap advice

    griff is correct
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    Me bumpers

    Nice work!
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    Lockout stuck on spindle

    It was back to the 80's HAMMER TIME! I use a boddy hammer to pull the hub and spindle off. Those things can get really stuck.
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    rock sliders

    I bought a set for a Toyota like was mentioned above-- easy to install and look great
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    Where to start?

    Work as much overtime as you can to get your checking account ready! :-) Seriously what do you want the end product to be? Rock crawler- daily driver? pre runner?
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    The product of my mind 7.3 psd 1st gen

    Hope that works for You,
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    Speedometer leaking

    Wow never heard of that -- could you use air to clean out the cable?
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    4 link 2 door

    I have been thinking about this too- I already have a bii tank.
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    My 92X build thread

    Why is it dead?
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    explorer/ranger conversion

    I was thinking of something similar actually.