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    Transmission "bump" aka "hard shifting" TSB

    Happens to me after coasting when I apply light pressure to accelerate, the "knock" can be felt and heard. I was starting to think it was a driveshaft issue. I'm gonna get this looked into. My truck is a 2012 Explorer Limited 4x4.
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    A few questions...

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new at this and don't know if anyone has the answer, but I wanted to know if it's possible to play DVD movies or other forms of media on the touch screen? I have an entire library of music videos I would like to play in the car and am not sure how to go about getting...
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    911 Assist Reminder Message

    It seems that this is a common problem every time the system re-boots itself. It's a huge PITA, but hopefully the new update will correct this. There's nothing worse than getting into the truck first thing in the morning and having this thing scream at you!
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    New member in Toronto

    Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bryan and I'm new to the forum, live in Toronto.