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    MAF Sensor Info

    you can buy if for about 90-100 bucks from advance or AZ
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    MAF Sensor Info

    its going to be on any engine that is MASS AIR FLOW, not SPEED DENSITY, that is also EFI
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    Help with vacuum motor door

    sorry i cant help ya, but why are you looking for it if you dont even know what it does?
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    94 Explorer Stumble on acceleration and loss of power

    make sure yu are running on all 6 cylinders. i recently solvd this problem of mine by changing ou t the spark plugs. the rear pass side one was all fouled pu from the wire leaning on the manifold and heating up. i moved the wire an replaces the plugs. problem solved.
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    I hate spark plugs.

    i didnt have any problems whatsoever coming thru the top. the last one on the pass. side needed to go under the wheel well. but it was cake. took about 20 mins
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    Not the normal MPG thread. need some insight and opinions here!

    i am going to replace this and see what happens 80/20 in favor of city drivings, id say. i've been on longer trips (60mi+++++ each way) and i dont recall getting better milage. at the time my truck wasnt running so amazing either. i have rusted cats and exahaust and half-a- tune up OD...
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    Window Tint

    clear glass is deff. the way to go for what you want
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    Not the normal MPG thread. need some insight and opinions here!

    what the t-stat have to do with milage performance? are you refering to my engine telling me its normal, when its really over-heating. yes i was told good things by known mechanics about barrs
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    Not the normal MPG thread. need some insight and opinions here!

    used to warm the truck in the morning for a while, but i have been driving more since its nicer. it sorta evens up im pretty sure i have 3.55's in the rear. my code was 45 IIRC check engine light gone. spark plugs/wires are brandy new i dont have a big system (actually my subs are...
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    Not the normal MPG thread. need some insight and opinions here!

    you just saved me a pretty good rant, thanks al hahaha
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    Not the normal MPG thread. need some insight and opinions here!

    02 sensor is perfect before it was idling crappy but now it is nice and smooth. the one thing that fathoms me. i have a straight alignment but on highway speeds i get a vibration. its bearable and probably still safe,
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    Not the normal MPG thread. need some insight and opinions here!

    ive been waiting a long time to post this until i fixed everything on the list and searched and searched. got my X in december, ran okay. got crappier. almost wasnt running. recently i've fixed about everythign except my MPG. full tuneup when i got it. recently changed plugs because...
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    Window Tint

    thats reflective glass, not bronze. just put 5% or whatever you want on it (the INSIDE, where youre supposed to) and then do 20% in the front
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    High pitched wine from engine bay

    power steering pump?
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    Looking for some pricing help!!!

    i disagree. 500 bucks.
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    Front end making oscillation type noise.

    my truck feels like its nice and alighned and my tires are wearing great. theres about 3000-4000 miles on them, but i also get a decent vibration at highway speeds
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    Code 47. New 02 Sensors?

    my hand turned black today when i was tinkering around near the exhaust. this is good correct? (at least im pretty sure it did, i will double check) temp gauge on dash indicates everything dandy, but the engine is deffinetly not cold, if anything on the warmer side. i could cook my eggs on...
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    Code 47. New 02 Sensors?

    i've narrowed it down to a FPR or an 02 sensor is there anyway to test either of these for a sure bite thats if i could find the FPR and the 02 sensor looks almost welded in there. either way might have to bring this to a mech for an hours worth
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    Explorer I gen's circuit

    in a Haynes Manual or a Chiltons
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    Code 47. New 02 Sensors?

    you are talking about a haynes manual or something on the internet OR the actual library will only have this manual? i have cleaned the MAF before a few months back with no success, so unless its faulty its fine ive been everywhere around town and cannot get a fuel pressure test to see how...
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    Code 47. New 02 Sensors?

    really stuck with this one. stumble on acceleration, loss of power sometimes, CRAPPY gas milage, etc, etc fresh tune up inc plugs wires air/fuel filter. blah blah i got code 47 from the scanner thats the only code. according to the book its an 02 sensor and running rich if it IS an 02...
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    Advice Needed: Took car to stealership and here is what they want ...

    if'n you MUST get a mech to do the work why cant you find a good mech around town? the steelership ALWAYS overcharge EVERYTHING. even a good in-town, HONEST HONEST mechanic will be cheaper. although, as been said, most of that can be done in your driveway
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    car shakes like a leaf

    post in the right section. then bring it to a shop. no hard feelings but i dont think you know what youre looking for. edit: see, i was right!
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    want 38s on my 91 explorer xlt im new at this what do i need???

    this is very unrealistic. its apparent you know have the knowledge to even search, how are you going to do all that labor yourself to save dough?
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    Painting [rattle can]

    well pictures do it justice, i believe tape newpapaper 15x flat black 'quick color' cans from home depot 2 hours