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  1. 410Fortune

    1996 Explorer Eddie Bauer thermostat

    0hv 4.0? Gauge was working before stat? I lean more towards trapped air then a faulty t stat with the wild gauge fluctuations Seriously, basically everytime I change an engine or thermostat on the 4.0 which is a lot (like 4 this year already) this happens for a few drive cycles. The sensor is...
  2. 410Fortune

    1996 Explorer Eddie Bauer thermostat

    Well hold on now Do you have a scanner? It is very possible what you are seeing is the thermostat open the water temp reaches 195 and the thermostat opens the rush of coil water then causes the gauge to drop Does it continue to fluctuate after the initial rise and drop? What brand...
  3. 410Fortune

    Picked up a new project

    I have 7 rangers right now A first gen sport, bronco ii and 3 sport tracs We need more 4.0 and 5.0!!!
  4. 410Fortune

    1995 Explorer XL personal thread

    Pita!! Usually can reach in with a small screwdriver and release the latch. Good to see so Many threads about it. You could always convert to hood pins of the latch/cable continue to give you fits. Well done thus far!!
  5. 410Fortune


    You could use any sort or metal strap that is capable of holding up the tank. When rebuilding old fords we have used roofing material (like fire and ice shield/ asphalt shingles ) to make the material between the metal strap and the tank The explorers just after this went to a plastic tank...
  6. 410Fortune

    Old school only!! Wiring harness testing??

    Circuit failure I would think perhaps the coil pack is bad or issue w wiring so you maybe on the right track. Do you have the firing order correct? This 01 5.0 is in your 93 fsb?
  7. 410Fortune

    Old school only!! Wiring harness testing??

    You replaced all of that chasing this code?
  8. 410Fortune

    2001 Explorer 5.0 P0174 Code

    Cheap wires not worth the box they come in and wires are only as good as the install! Must be routed properly and seated well Seems like everytime I come into this thread there is a new code! We also have two threads going for this truck!
  9. 410Fortune

    Picked up a new project

    4.0 5 speed 1354m d35 8.8 done
  10. 410Fortune

    Bring a Trailer . . . and some CA$H

    That’s a nice truck!! Let’s see what it goes for!
  11. 410Fortune

    Fuel injector adapter

    So apparently these were used in some Aerostar and ranger 4.0 engines but not all 4.0 engines have them. It will work fine without the “insulators” installed is the information I have found. Any chance you can show us a picture of your situation?
  12. 410Fortune

    Picked up a new project

    Plug and play in the engine bay maybe But you will have to adapt the ranger body and dash and fuel wiring to match the 90 engine bay stuff What year is that ranger 85? You will have to convert to efi fuel system You will have to wire everything on the truck side as the bwp for the 90 style 4.0...
  13. 410Fortune

    Paul's '91 Sport

    Sohc clutch is the way to go!!! Moab rules!! sport is awesome as always! Love this truck!!
  14. 410Fortune

    Looking to swap a 4.0 5 speed 4x4 setup into my 66 Scout.

    Agreed! I rarely mess with the pre 95 ohv engines anymore we almost always use 96-00 ohvs in their place, same is true for the 5 speed the later 5 speeds from behind the sohc engines are tougher 4.0 5 speed would be a good swap in thay scout for sure! So would a 302 or a diesel ;)
  15. 410Fortune

    Fuel injector adapter

    91-94 fuel injectors use two o rings no “seat” or isolator Those are for 97+ because they are for the sohc engine, the ohv never used injector seats What part of the injector or fuel rail are you referring to?
  16. 410Fortune

    Old school only!! Wiring harness testing??

    If it gave you a Misfire code in 10 min of run time I would suspect an injector It is more difficult for the computer to identify a misfire through the ignition would usually take longer then 10 min unless there is a circuit issue What was the code
  17. 410Fortune

    Picked up a new project

    Yes the computer does care about auto tos manual but it will only result in a steady check engine light and maybe a high idle until a 5 speed computer is found/swapped in Yes you can use the early dash 85 cluster not the best to talk to a 4.0 but it will work. I prefer the 86-88 cluster I...
  18. 410Fortune

    Old school only!! Wiring harness testing??

    96+ are 104 pin obd2 pcm connectors those old breakout boxes are cool!! What are you wanting to accomplish here? You could simply do a continuity test from each pin at the pcm to the destination wires on the other end of the harness
  19. 410Fortune

    410Custom's builds a 2007 Ranger V8 - custom truck build - Project "Ranger Premier"

    If the usb cable would work sure, for some reason I could only access like 10 pics in my browser home from the pc not the 10000 I have in there. Not wanting to sit in front of the computer all day I went back into the shop. During lunch I simply chose the photos I need and emailed them much...
  20. 410Fortune

    Need help; power steering lines

    The power steering pumps are pretty tough If youre I’ve the top right line first it’s easier to get to the high pressure line right below it I use wrenches and crows foot here
  21. 410Fortune

    Picked up a new project

    I would buy that raingutter ranger just for the wheels and tires!!
  22. 410Fortune

    410Custom's builds a 2007 Ranger V8 - custom truck build - Project "Ranger Premier"

    The 07 pcm is under the hood in the cowl just like a 99 however it is a completely different shape and size the 99 pcm will not fit in there easily The Holley ecm is like 10” wide but it’s only 2” tall and 4” deep need to give lots of room for the wire looms to bend I sent myself 20 emails...
  23. 410Fortune

    1998 Explorer 5.0 “Restoration2021” project

    Everytime somebody asks me to remove the 1-2 accumulator spring “for firm shifts” we end up putting one back in there these are not mustangs and I do not like the 1-2 shift to be that harsh and I do mean harsh A softer spring sure, but no spring at all no way Jose Valve body mods are a good...
  24. 410Fortune

    Pull the engine? Or hold off?

    I would pull the engine and replace the oil pan and rear main seal as well as timing cover gaskets all while on the stand Drain the trans and converter at the same time Doing the oil pan in the truck would take you longer then just pulling the whole engine imo But then I have pulled many of...