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    Bring on the tears!!! =( what's wrong with my truck?!

    would a faulty EGR cause a no start issue?
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    Bring on the tears!!! =( what's wrong with my truck?!

    I have an intermittant no-start issue w my 98 ford explorer....130,000 miles. Basically happens about once a week. I replaced Idle Air Control Module, well my neighbor did... A ford dealer racked me up to 900 dols of work. Heres what they did in the order it was done. Spark Plug #4 changed...
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    Help! EGR Fault code

    Or so I thought... About 10 days after getting the ignition coil replaced, I am now back to a no start issue. UGHHHH the frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Help! EGR Fault code

    No, but that was a good idea. I finally decided to take it to another shop after 2 weeks of spontaneous re-occurrences of the intermittent starting issue. They found out that it was the ignition coil/coil pack. Apparently it was not sparking a bright orange but a dull orange. It only costs...
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    Help! EGR Fault code

    I made a post a few weeks ago about this issue, but I got no responses. Here is a link to the post for the history - 98 explorer, 130000 miles, replaced all spark plugs/wires, dpfe sensor, update to PCM. Car intermittently (once a...
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    The recent drama: head gasket, plugs, dpfe sensor, ignition coil?

    Okay so I'm new here but I reference this forum a lot as a guest. Thought I would sign up and ask this particular question. I'm going to be very detailed in hopes that I provide enough information so excuse me if this post is a little lengthy. =) Thank you in advance for anyone who can assist me...
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    Hi everyone =)

    My name is Dawn...I usually google things that go wrong with my car for an answer and this forum more than likely is the first link in the search results, so I thought I would go ahead and make a user account since I come here for reference so often as a guest. I'm having some pretty rough...