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    Easter Jeep Safari- April 4-11

    We'll be there.......... We are planning to arrive there on the 7th. Me and my brother and a couple friends. If everything goes right I should have a new surprise to unvail. We'll also have the airrock jeep. Do you have reservations yet? We need to find a place where we can park a semi truck...
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    Anyone Remove thier ABS module?

    All I did was disconnect the lines from each side and use a #4 to #4 inverted flare connector, and unplug the the electrical connections. Robbie
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    Speed O Gear

    I still have the stock speedo gear and my stock gears were 3.73s I guess i'll have to take out the speedo gear and count the teeth thanks Robbie
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    Speed O Gear

    explorer Any idea what color gear I should be looking for? I'm running 4.88s and 35s. thanks Robbie
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    SAS made for Explorers. Interested?

    I used cj shackle reverse front hangers from MORE offroad and in the rear a set of modified warrior shackles. I basically made the came setup as shown in the picture, but I'm sure the allpro tacoma sas kit would do the same the braketry looks the same. I also used rancho 44044 front 2.5 lift...
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    Speed O Gear

    Does any body know what speed o gear I need to run with 4.88s and 35s. Or maybe even where I can find a chart. Thanks RobbieJ
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    Return From Moab

    It was a blast! I was a good experiance getting to roam around moab with locals who know where all of the good stuff was. Being able to take our time and hangout made it that much better. Thanks to Clint, Pat and Mr. Stage West. Rubicon next summer? RobbieJ
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    all light flickering

    All of my lights are flicker when the engine is running. I have a new battery cables, battery, alternater and no corrosion that I know of. Any suggestions? This problem sucks. Thanks Robbie
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    1 Farad Digital Capacitor

    I was wondering what brand of capacitor is good. 1 farad will do me. Any suggestions are appreciated. Also what kind of price am I looking at. Thanks Robbie
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    Derricks X getting Portals.......

    over kill never killed anyone. My steering is made of 1.5" .25 dom tubing. I can jack my explorer up in the front by the steering not that I would but if for some reason I got hung up on the steering I dont have to worry about it. I hate braking stuff, the beefier the better I always say...
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    Axle swap..... no brakes

    I was wondering what types of problems people have encountered with the d44 swap in combination with rear disc brakes. I recently did the d44 swap and 9" in the rear with disc brakes. The problem that I'm having is a really really low pedal basically the brakes lock up right before it bottoms...
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    auto->manual tranny swap?

    I've been thinking about he same conversion. I'm on my 5th auto tranny and its going. What about all of the linkage for the cutch as far as the pedals and master cylinder. Also are the shafts all the same I have a 91. Just bolt up the 5 speed? If thats the case it shouldnt be that hard. It...
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    ford 4.0 trans failure? AA wants comments

    Well I'm on my 5th A4LD it seem to poop out as soon as it goes out of warrenty and its going again its just a POS! An adapter for the 4.0 to AOD would be awesome Robbie
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    '01 ST with Rear View Camera/DVD/TV/ and more to come!

    Hey Guys what's a good resolution for a 6.8" LCD monitor. I've narrowed it down to either the 6.8" if I can find one with good resolution or a 7"widescreen. What is the resolution of yours Bigmellon? Also is your dvd integreted with you stereo if so how did you do it? Did you just use an fm...
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    '01 ST with Rear View Camera/DVD/TV/ and more to come!

    Hey if you don't mind me asking whats the price tag on the set up? I've been looking to do a dvd set up almost the same so I got a price of about 390 for a dvd player and 180 for a 5" lcd with no case just the screen. Does that sound like alot? Do you have any suggestions or reccomendations on...
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    I've reached a turning point........

    OPTION 1!! coilovers are awesome compared to torsionbars for travel and ride comfort. Also if theres one thing I've learned from having building up my explorer go as big as you can right away. On mine I had a 2.5" susplift then I added a 1" bodylift then removed the 2.5" susplift and added a...
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    POP!!! GRIND.....these don't sound good!

    The last POP and GRIND I had turned out to be the planetary for my 4x4 low about a 350.00 dollar problem I ordered the parts on monday so I'll be running again by saturday. It turns out that last summer when I burned up my tranny I roasted the T-case too. The planetary was blue and missing teeth...
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    Extended Radius Arm ???

    on the drivers side you have to drill holes and on the passanger side you bolt the braket up to the transmission cross member holes. Robbie
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    speedo gear color for 35's and 4.56s

    It was 3.73s and 235's. I guess It should be ok then. Thanks Guys Robbie
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    speedo gear color for 35's and 4.56s

    Does any one know which color speedo gear I need for 35's and 4.56s? I know tons of people are funnung this set up. thanks Robbie
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    went from P235 75 r15 to 32x11.50 r15 help on speedo

    Fund out what your real speed is and then got to and go to the speedo calibration and it will give you the equation then all you you need to do is go to ford and buy a 5 dollar speedo gear they are color coded it is mounted in your transfer case. its easy Robbie
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    Leakage from thermostat

    just tap the holes for 1/4" standard bolt this want i did. If this wont work and they are stripped too bad just drill them out a little and then use a helicoil. This will work for sure. Robbie
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    37's a hudge for the ttb all I can say is if you offroad hard be expecting to break axles. With 35s I've already broken two passanger side half shafts, But the lockrite has held up. They should fit. I have 35's with 2" body and 6.5" suspension they only rub on the radius arms because I built the...
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    Diff Whack Daddys Wristed Arms

    Whack Daddy, Do you have a solid axle up front or will you be using these radius arms with the ttb?
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    saleen rear sway bar!

    What is the thickness of the sway bar as opposed to stock?