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    2016 MSRP vs Negotiated Price

    It was just a question. I never said they made them up or they should eat them. I am just looking for some help that's all. I want to feel good about what I buy and I don't want to get ripped off. I got talked to like I didn't know **** by 2 different men today and I knew more than them about...
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    2016 MSRP vs Negotiated Price

    I have made up my mind and am going with a Magnetic Sport since the Tuxedo Black is not an option. I have talked to a few dealerships in the area and am working on pricing. MSRP is $50,090. So far I have been quoted $46,500 plus TTL. For those of you who have negotiated any pricing on a 16 model...
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    Hello everyone.

    Despite these missing options it is a great vehicle overall. I have had mine since Nov 12 and am looking to order a 16 Sport. I had a salesperson ask me what type of engine I wanted in my Sport today and I was like uh there is only one.
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    2016 Sport Colors/Seat Stitching

    They have a shadow black coming in on July 5th or so. I will check it out before I order just to make sure. I just don't like the color red so I just have to get over it. My husband said he thinks the red will look good. I am more upset over them dropping Tuxedo Black vs the red stitching.
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    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    I noticed bubbling on my paint at the end of 13. The bubbling was only on the edge right above the headlights. It wasn't bad. I brought it to the dealership and they took pics and received the approval from Ford to get it repainted. This was in April 14. When I got my car back you could see the...
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    2016 Sport Colors/Seat Stitching

    I just went to the dealership to find out my options to turn in my 2013 Sport and possibly order or buy the one they have coming in. The lady showed me the color chart which I had seen online. I am upset that they are not offering Tuxedo Black. I just love this color. I don't like the solid...
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    Ambient Lighting Problems

    I was on mobile when I posted this and did a quick search prior and the last thing I saw was in 13. Sorry. Also, I clicked on that link you posted and it is one response. I can figure it out thanks.
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    Ambient Lighting Problems

    Ambient Ligting Issue I keep my ambient lighting set to the royal blue. Well, every few days it changes itself back to the factory aqua color. I have brought this up when I have brought my Sport in for service and of course they can't find anything. Has anyone had this issue?
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    Towing with the Sport

    We are currently towing a small fishing boat behind the Sport now. Our speed has been ranging from 70-72 & the gas mileage is TERRIBLE! It is around 12.8-13mpg. We get almost 3mpg more towing with a Diesel F-250. Has anyone else towed anything with the Sport & if so did you see the same mpg? We...
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    My Sport thougts as I roll lots of miles

    I am getting around 16.9 with mostly city driving. We drove up to Nashville last weekend and we got around 21-22mpg. I will say the backseat was great with the moonroof. It didn't feel like you were so closed in. My friend who is 6'4 rode in the back and was pleased with the leg and head room. I...
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    I did not do an extended warranty on my Sport, but I only keep my vehicles for around 3 years because of the miles I put on it.
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    Black Plastic Molding

    Wow 13Sport looks great! Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try & see how it works. If it would only quit raining for more than 2 days I could get this Sport cleaned up. My next project is fixing the hood. I had a piece of metal gouge the hood & dent it while traveling on the interstate at...
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    Black Plastic Molding

    Thanks!!! I am going to the store this week to pick up both products.
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    Black Plastic Molding

    I posted this under the detailing thread, but did not get any responses. So, I was hoping I could get some feedback if I moved sections. I have a new black Sport & the black door trim molding that is on the bottom of the door is a pain to try & clean. We have had some nasty weather & I was...
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    Cleaning Trim Molding

    I see the sticky thread above where the person removed their black plastic pieces & painted, but fading is not my issue. I have a new black Sport & the black door trim molding are a poor design in my opinion. We have had some nasty weather & I was finally able to get out & clean today. I...
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    Timeline 2013 Explorer Sport

    It's nice to hear your thoughts on the X vs MDX. I was contemplating an MDX, but when I looked at the features & price the X by far in my opinion was the better value for the price. The options on the X by far were better than almost all the SUV's I looked at. I am very happy with my Sport &...
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    Ordered a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

    Congrats on the order! It's definitely a great vehicle & I really enjoy driving it. You can send a PM to Crystal with your order number, dealer info, & she can help keep track of your order along with updates.
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    Ordered today

    Congrats on the new ride!! It looks great. I am happy to hear everything finally worked out for you! Happy New Year!!
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    Timeline 2013 Explorer Sport

    Welcome to the Sport Club! If you send Crystal a PM with your order number & dealer info she can help keep you in the loop on the order process. I have had mine a little over a month & it was totally worth the wait!
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    Ordered today

    Congrats!!! Let us know how you like it!
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    Trying this from my phone!

    I got my front windows to match the back too. I also got the visor tinit stip across my windshield as well. It really finished it off nice.
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    Just ordered my Sport

    Congrats on the order & welcome to the waiting club. I thought I was going to have to start a Sport Support group, but I made it (haha). I love mine & it was definitely worth the wait. You can shoot Cory or Gina a PM with your order number, dealer info, & they will keep you updated on your order.
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    Trying this from my phone!

    Nice!! How do you like it??
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    Trading in '11 limited for '13 Sport

    The power is great!! I love horsepower & want quick acceleration. I felt that if I was giving up my car that I didn't want a grocery getter. I drove a limited (granted it was only a test drive), but I really had to step on it to get the initial get up & go. The sport responds fast & effortless...
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    '13 Sport Review

    Great review! I agree completely with the gas mileage. Holy crap this thing is a guzzling pig. The best I am seeing is 17.3 & unfortunately I do mostly city driving so I know this will not get much better. I am loving everything else about the Sport. It fun to watch heads turn as you drive by. I...