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    Switch Captains Seats for Bench

    Amen to this. I like that Ford doesn't force you into captain's chairs on high trims, like basically every other manufacturer. Bench is way better for dogs plus it's a solid cargo barrier when you've got heavy gear in the back. If you're not transporting adults/teens in the back regularly...
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    2020 Explorer as a rental...

    Platinum gets the 3.0TT now, detuned to match the power the 3.5TT used to make (365hp/350tq). Limited and below get the 2.3T, previously would get the non-turbo V6 as an option as well.
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    2020 Explorer as a rental...

    100% agree. I really was afraid I'd regret not getting the new powertrain (RWD/10 speed). But I'm also not a fan of the "upgraded" new interior and have been happy with my '19 save for a few initial quality issues. Mainly I was turned off by the price increase, so decided to deal on old stock...
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    Hot Weather Battery

    Fair enough, can't say I've ever tried to find one of these, but good batteries here last 4+ years and while Optimas might beat that I can't imagine it's by much. If you end up paying 2x for one of these over another battery I don't think you'll end up saving money. I see these rated highly...
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    Hot Weather Battery

    I've lived in Arizona almost twenty years, I don't think there's much you can do for your battery except keep it as cool as possible. If you have a carport or garage it's probably not worth doing more, will also depend if your car sits in the sun all day at work. I doubt any other...
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    2018 Explorer - Front passenger side creaking sounds when accelerating from stop

    I still have this exact issue, driver door only. Door was misaligned - I had a constant squeak along with the acceleration creak you describe. The misaligned door was rubbing on panels that were replaced under warranty. The creak disappeared but was back within a few days. Since it briefly...
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    Give it back after 3 years or keep it?

    When you look at the potential issues that likely won't appear inside the warranty period and the relatively low cost of an online Ford warranty it's basically a no brainer if you can't fix any issues yourself. Makes owning one of these way less stressful I think.
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    I was having the same problem, although I think pressing "vehicle" at the very bottom of the screen seemed to work? In any case it looks like Ford pushed an update 7/22 that might have addressed it, I always have to log in again plus reset my PIN when that happens. Make sure your app is up to...
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    Time for tires

    Thank you for the noise comparison, very helpful.
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    IOS 14 and CarPlay

    It's your car, go nuts! Good luck. It's just a good warning for other visitors to be careful.
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    Sync 3 Map Upgrade Issue

    Having not attempted this particular update (but having completed it easily last year) this is what I'm trying to figure out. It is hard to do "intuitively", but easy if you follow the instructions (there were several steps last year about how to format your USB drive and how to store files)...
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    Can my explorer safely pull a camper like this

    I think you're mistaken about the efficiency of that engine for towing - the Triton V8 may have had fewer horsepower but it's torque number is closer to the ecoboost V6 at 330lb ft or more. That's what will make the difference in towing. For example the Chevy Colorado diesel has only 181HP but...
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    Drop in Estimated Miles to Empty

    I track my mileage in fuelly. That seems to happen after a poor mileage tank and is not permanent (or predictive).
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    Can my explorer safely pull a camper like this

    It's really hard to find good info on towing. There are so many variables and often towing capacity is the last one you exceed, and matters the least. As you mentioned salespeople are NEVER to be trusted on this stuff.
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    Ford Remote Access Ends December 31, 2020

    Is this different than FordPass? My Explorer has LTE, not 3G? Sorry a little confused, I don't think I got an email.
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    Can my explorer safely pull a camper like this

    I wouldn't tow something heavy with the standard V6. I haven't read any good experiences about it. The Sport/Platinum would probably pull that ok although it's a little long for stability's sake for an Explorer (you'd want to stay 20ft long or less). That V6 will rev really high while you're...
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    0% for 72 mos

    Ugh exactly... Usually when you get some non-zero interest rate it's just whatever rate you qualify for, either at the dealership or at a bank. Zero percent (especially these days) is something you get INSTEAD of a rebate. You can pretend that free money doesn't exist, and only the "free...
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    0% for 72 mos

    Let me know if you watch the video and agree that he doesn’t fully grasp the full universe of dealer rebates!
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    0% for 72 mos

    I really wish more people looked at it this way... I wonder if some people just don't even ask what they're giving up to get 0%. At the time I bought mine I think the difference was like $3k vs. 72 months 0% - didn't make sense for me to take the zero interest either. I went back and forth...
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    Apple CarPlay over bluetooth?

    I think it's all about how you want to distribute the costs... I'm pretty sure Apple charges BMW a separate licensing fee to grant wireless access to carplay. So BMW can give it away, they could charge it as an option 100% up front, or as a subscription. However definitely true that Apple...
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    Why you don't want a PIU for personal use.

    All new PIUs are hybrid, yes? So zero idling?
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    Buy back tips

    This makes sense to me. If a vehicle is bought back it doesn't have to go through the lemon law branding process, so the hit the dealer/manufacturer takes is way less.
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    Apple CarPlay over bluetooth?

    Thanks, this is a useful piece of info that I wondered about but didn't know for sure. So I have to disconnect my phone from the BT and the Wifi in the car to use the dongle?
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    Just got 2016 explorer xlt with 20s, I have a question.

    100% agree but I was focused solely on purchase price.
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    Just got 2016 explorer xlt with 20s, I have a question.

    Will the size change save you money? Just wondering if it’s worth the trouble. I use the engineering mode to calibrate the MPG meter but I’m not sure if you can calibrate speedometer that way.