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    Washington here I come....

    Ryan, I'll let you know. I'm hoping to have it ready for at least a little wheeling by the second weekend of Sept. We could loosely plan to hit Reiter Road then. Mat
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    Washington here I come....

    Heh, Ryan, sounds like you are maybe 5 miles from me. Careful of the small trails you 'find' cause the cops liek to nab you, but I hear that in Duvall there are supposed to be some great trails and since that is only 10 minutes away Exploring is usually worth it. Well, I just bought my...
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    Washington here I come....

    Finally I post :) Hey guys! It's about time I post to this thread, I got the trail E-mal from Arsoul. Welcome to Woodinville Arsoul, whereabouts you live? I'm in Woodinville too, and I live off of Avondale(if that sounds familiar). Hmmm... I tried getting a run together a while ago...
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    Question for guys in Seattle Area

    The offroad outlet moved :( they were my favorite store too. Avoid Eastside truck center in Kirkland like the plague. They're rude overpriced and do shotty work. Olympic 4x4 is a long drive since it is in snohomish, but they have a killer showroom and HUGE 4x4 junkyard on hand. There is...
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    Need Wiring Diagram for Alarm/Keyless Entry...

    Hey All, Well, I'm getting and Alarm with keyless entry and I anm confident that I can install it myself, but the only problem is that for the keyless entry part you need to get into some of the door lock wires... Well, I have a haynes manual and it doesn't give the description of what...
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    Subs in rear hatch? Anyone tried it?

    Hello Everyone, In my two years of posting on this board, I've never posted in the audio forum, because I've always had a pretty decent system. That is until my truck was broken into and eveything was stolen. Well, now I'm back at square one, and while I have pretty much decided on a...
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    My Swap is done!!!

    Riffman, Very nice swap... I've been planning on doing one myself, and up until now I have been figuring on doing a leaf sprung front because of ease of installation. However, you have done a really great job that I think I'll be able to emulate! Very cool! Mat
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    SuperLift to make a 4

    not to rain on anyone's parade, but just remember how long it took Trailmaster to get out their 98-00 4" kit. I think the response was "next month" for about 7 months I hope one does come out though, it would be nice to see more lifted explorers. It will be interesting to see how they deal...
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    who has 33s with just a body lift

    I ran 32s with my PA 2" body lift, if you look at the featured explorers for my truck you'll see picture of when I still had them... As for gears, if you're going to spend the money, do it right and get 4.56 or up. Unless you're going to get some major horsepower in the near future in which...
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    "Best Whoops Picture Contest".....and the Winner is.....

    Hmmm... I don't think I'll win, but I figured I might as well enter. Here I am checking the depth of the mud puddle, and onlookers are saying things like "do it mat", and "you can make it mat" Once I got stuck I realized how bad of an idea it was. Luckily, I was able to get out with a...
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    195 thermostat and KKM?

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    195 thermostat and KKM?

    I have the 195 degree Jet Thermostat, which I guess is supposed to add a tad more horses and improve mileage a tad also....right? Would changing back to a 180 for the winter help with mileage or power, or should the fact that I have a KKM open air intake taking in warm air from the engine...
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    Explorer run in the Northwest..

    I'm still in. Mat
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    44" boggers

    Oknut, I think the biggest size tire you can run in this state and still be legal is 38". I had a friend who had a 70s F-150 running them, and he said he was always getting pulled over so the cops could check his legality. You'll also have to add mud flaps to the front tires, which is one...
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    Explorer run in the Northwest..

    Well, I'm definitely in.... Oknut, keep me updated, if your truck is done by the 30th, I'd like to come over for some of that Penisula mudding since all I seem to be finding around here lately is water. Besides, I can show you how pretty your old lift looks on mine :) Mat
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    Burnouts? Proper way to do it?

    Re: I Wanna Burn Rubber With 33's Ya it was me, though I think I would use the word "fortunately", not un. :D. As far as impressing the "ladies" by burn outs(refering to Karols reply). I think wanting to do burn outs has to do more with that classic americana highschool machismo thing...
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    Explorer run in the Northwest..

    Oknut, how about trying a small run around your neck of the woods sometime this month? maybe Dec 30th? It could be just a day run, I mainly would just like to see your truck perform and try out some of the mud on the other side of the sound. Mat
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    Burnouts? Proper way to do it?

    Re: Hey Oldtimers..... ::Hangs head in shame:: Now what kind of hot headed, dumb kid would want to do that?!?! was me. :) You know I remember writing that post what, almost two years ago now? I've learned so much since then it's funny to think that I thought my Explorer...
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    302 Conversion in a 94 Explorer

    Hey so Oknut finally got that thing running? Cool! I actually bought my superlift kit from Oknut since he lives about 1 hour away from me, Originally he was only going to run 38s, I didn't know he had finally decided on 44s. We've been talking about mudding together for a while now(though...
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    Prerunner front bumper for 91-94..any out there?

    The bender my dad has is a hydaulic pipe bender and it about 2.5' tall, and about .8' wide. You could easily tote one around in your explorer. Just be sure that the pipe you use has thick enough walls that it will take the bend without crimping. Of course, it depends on the angles you are doing...
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    Prerunner front bumper for 91-94..any out there?

    I designed and am building my own prerunner bumper. Originally it was going to have the skid plate and the whole nine yards, but I opted against that as I decided it would reduce ground clearence and not add very much protection... Anyway, I digress. You can rent a pipe bender. Make sure that...
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    Jet transmission controller, making tranny shift harder

    So B&M is claiming longer transmission life by using this shifter? Wouldn't the firmer shifting be harded on the tranny though? Mat
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    dana 44 ttb

    On a follow up note, I contacted Currie because this swap peaked my curiousity. I was told that The owner of Currie did this with his Explorer, and by the time they were finished with all of the custom bracketry and what not they decided not to offer it as a kit because of how much of a pain it...
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    Solid Axle Swap - truck is in the shop

    Ya, but my superlift 5.5 lift gave me practice at welding spring perches. I bet this time I'll get it right :) Which way is the shock supposed to go again? Mat
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    Solid Axle Swap - truck is in the shop

    Did you use the stock radius arms from the Bronco axle? You said that you just did a nip and tuck? Define nip and tuck. If it truly isn't that bad, maybe I will just have to try coils. If I do a leaf swap, I will find an axle that was built to run leafs, that way I will just by all of the...