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    Project what was I thinking???

    Now what's on the agenda just in general, or for the truck lol? For the truck, I'm getting her prepped to make the journey to good ole Kentucky. In general, truck money is going to the house in the country fund. I guess the ultimate goal is to get a place with a garage so the cycle can...
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    Project what was I thinking???

    Thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately, she's on the way out. Trying to save up money doesn't work well with having a toy like this so I'm selling her to another forum member. She'll be in good hands though although it will be sad to see her go.
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    Show your 1st gen flex

    She looks good! Get any rubbing with the 33s at flex?
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    Crazy 3rd row idea...Will it work?

    You have me curious enough to go measure in between the wheel wells after work today. If I recall though that should be plenty narrow enough.
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    Crazy 3rd row idea...Will it work?

    Hadn't considered that but that's a darn good idea. Found this at Summit for a little less than $250: I couldn't find dimensions but I bet it fits.
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    Crazy 3rd row idea...Will it work?

    Mine has kind of fallen to the back burner. Curious to see how you build goes. Is the seat narrow enough to actually fit in between the fender wells? The only seat I could find in my local junkyard that was close enough was out of a Chevy Venture. It's been a year now but if I recall it was...
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    Engine swap "Cummin" soon

    Seconded....holy mother of Toledo.
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    Moved my AC controls!!

    Looks good from what I can tell. A rotated, bigger pic would be nice though ;)
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    Project Roadblock

    Awesome build skill! By the way on first read I thought you said ' Bout to run to the store and buy a bottle of Jack to see if that helps'. I thought that was a fairly creative problem fix. But your way works too ;).
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    Project what was I thinking???

    That's my thought. Just from sitting I will need all new brake parts most likely. I added it up and that will run me $170 but I hope to get something out of the old axles when I get them out. Even if I can get $100 for both (idk if that's too hopeful) it would ease the sting a little.
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    Project what was I thinking???

    Lol trust me Lounge I'm still broke. Getting the new truck just has me broke-er now hahaha. No, I needed something just a little more reliable to haul mini-me around in. Nothing against the Ex but it's not the best baby kid mobile. I already had the axles bought a long time ago (way before...
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    Project what was I thinking???

    Way overdo for an update. Basically haven't been doing much of anything with the truck lately. Since I got my new DD ('02 F-150 Supercrew) I haven't had a lot of time for the Ex. This weekend though my buddy and I went to get a wood stove for his shop. We're getting it ready to have some...
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    new dd, f350

    Nice truck! I like the older body style like that better than the new. Why are you trying to lower just the back?
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    The sas of Betty Ford

    Lol, that's where I was going next, Lounge. Looks like Cribbs is just out to beat us all! I think he needed a different coil bucket because it looks like it's significantly larger than the factory one.
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    The sas of Betty Ford

    Nope, we all heard it right here, Mr Cribb is going to go out and do an SAS tomorrow!!! ;) Corncobbcolin, I'm quite surprised how little you have in it so far. I added up your prices and looks like you're still under a grand at this point. What other parts do you expect you're going to need...
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    The sas of Betty Ford

    Awesome write-up! Can't wait to see the finished product. Do you think you could keep a total cost tally going too?
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    witch explorer should I get 4.0 4x4 or 5.0 awd?

    The AWD in mine (Mercury Mountaineer) was completely automatic and there was no way to switch it off.
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    New member New Explorer...First Post

    Nice backdrop for your pictures! Signed, Guy jealous of your nice new Explorer
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    witch explorer should I get 4.0 4x4 or 5.0 awd?

    My 4.0 is quite a bit old (92) but compared to that my 2000 5.0 AWD was incredible. I imagine that even compared to a newer 4.0 it would be significantly better. I had never had an AWD before my 2000 either but I was amazed at how well it did in the snow. Even with less aggressive tires than...
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    New excitement turned nightmare...

    What a good story. I wish I had the tenacity to deal with shady dealers that you do. I just tend to come in and ask if anyone needs a doormat to walk all over :(.
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    need some advice on putting a lift on my '91 explorer

    For the back it's literally just an added leaf. Search add-a-leaf (AAL) on here. sells the kits pretty cheap. For the front I believe guys use the F-150 coil spring or just big washers to bring up the bottom on stock springs. You probably want to search for sure, that's...
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    ibeam settup

    I believe you've asked this before and were told that your most cost effective option is going to be sell the 4x4 and buy a 2WD. I know you said that there's a loan on this car but seriously, it can't be worth more than $3,000 max. Even that's probably stretching it. Take the money you are...
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    Stuck on which tire to get

    +1 on this. Absolutely excellent all-around tire.
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    well I think its funny

    Lol my old truck got about 12MPG and I would do that. I enjoyed "bucking the system" though :D
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    WOW! well here it goes 1997 v-8 AWD

    I have to say, have the most eclectic truck I've ever seen ;p.