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    Rough vibration when stopped

    I checked the vaccum lines and everything seems to be ok, no leaks. This has stumped me! What is wrong with my car??!?!?!
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    Rough vibration when stopped

    yes, it does act like it wants to stall, I will check the vacuum lines and see if their is a leak, thanks for the input!
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    Rough vibration when stopped

    no one?
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    replacing head unit in eddie bauer?

    thanks a lot for your help guys! If I cant fix the led, then I will look into buying that new aftermarket head unit!
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    replacing head unit in eddie bauer?

    I just recently purchased a 98 eddie bauer and the head unit has problems with green led lighting? Sometimes it works, but most of the time the screen is just black and I cant see the clock or anything. I would like to replace it and get an mp3 player, but I dont want to lose use of my...
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    Rough vibration when stopped

    I recently purchased a 1998 eddie bauer and I am having a strange problem with it. The car is new to me and has about 80,000 miles on it so Im not sure what has been replaced. Anyway, whether the engine is warm or cold, when i come to a stop, the engine shakes and vibrates. Sometimes it gets...
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    Changing Synthetic Oil

    Ok so I started using synthetic oil about 3k miles ago and i am ready for my first change. I've been told that the synthetic oil will last a lot longer than 3k miles so I'm planning on only changing the filter unless you guys convinve me otherwise. My question is do I need to drain the oil...
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    MPG drop

    The temp gauge is reading normal. I replaced the air filter yesterday but found out that the fuel filter had been replaced under warranty so decided that does not need to be done yet. I also reset the ECU and am currently running fuel injector cleaner in my tank. Hopefully this all will...
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    MPG drop

    oh! well in that case no problems with that
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    MPG drop

    what is a CEL? I will run the fuel injector cleaner on my next two tanks, see if that does anything.
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    MPG drop

    Ok Here is what I own... 2001 sport auto 37k miles Recently, without any change in my driving style, my mileage has dropped from 17-18 mpg to 14-15. Since the tank on my explorer is so small I'm only getting like 250 miles per tank which is frustrating! I would like to get back up to...
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    4.0 SOHC Owners - What is your Avg. MPG and.... ??

    no mods to my 2001 sport as of yet...... i was averaging 16-18 mpg all city untill recently where it has dropped to 14. anyone know whats going on, because my driving habits have not changed. 37k miles
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    Computer Unit

    could you link me to this cd that shows all the wiring your talking about?
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    so this is where all the texas boys have been hiding! i'm from plano as well
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    Driving a manual / standard experience

    they both have their pros and cons.... My 94 sport was a manual and my 2001 is an auto Driving a manual in traffic absolutely sucks! Also, even though i became very good at it before i sold my 94, eating, drinking, talking on cell phone while driving can get complicated However driving...
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    Box help please

    well i was considering have a friend make it depending on your guys opinions
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    Box help please

    ok so i currently have 3 10"s in a fairly large box in my car and im planning on getting a box custom made to fit between the wheel wells and under the cargo to hold these. im going for sound quality so which box would you guys suggest? is it better for the subs to share airspace or have...
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    For Sale on ebay... Is this worth it?

    actually i got a deal on one that was used for just a week at 70$ trying to decide if i wanna buy...... pro install could run me 150-200$
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    For Sale on ebay... Is this worth it?

    Just wondering what you guys think about this? Anyone have this model? Worth the price?
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    thats been relisted a few times now, saw it a couple months back
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    Costco and Tires

    thats strange, ive had two explorers and 3 new sets of tires. never had a problem, and two of the sets didnt come stock on the expo
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    Synthetic Oil

    how exactly do you change the oil filter with out losing oil??? or do you drain the synthetic, change the filter, then pour it back in
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    What do dry car with? NO SWIRLS!!!

    you guys have a link where i can take a look at this absorber and possibly buy one?
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    Getting rear controls to work with aftermarket HU that is the head unit i ended up buying. also i did a search on the site but only found half the people saying yes and the other no.....